• Excluding Certain Cloud Templates

    In certain situations you may want to excluded EC2 instance or Azure Virtual Machine types from being recommended by Turbonomic for either real-time scaling actions or migration plans.  This may be due ...
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  • Platespin integration ?

    I know that Turbonomic integrates with Zerto and Rubrik for Move to Cloud migration, but is it in the plans to add an integration with Microfocus Platespin ?    It is a large actor in EMEA.   Thanks
    created by ajolly
  • Error while targeting Hyper V

    Hi I am facing validation error while targeting hyper v. I have gone thru all the documents and also mailed to support but not getting any valid support. Please suggest some solutions for this.     Thanks ...
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  • Azure - Turbo site not loading

    The Turbonomic instance is deployed successfully to Azure. However, when I try to load the page it stays blank. I receive the certificate warning, and pass by it but the site never loads for authentication or anythi...
  • Cloud Control: Define Your Cloud Budget

    **This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here] . Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes those features. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure o...
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  • vmware - script automatic backups

    I run VMWare Workstation 6.5 on WinXP. How can I script a way to automatically clone my VM images? I've read about the "vmware-cmd" tool but believe that is only available with VMWare ESX, not Workstation.
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  • How to deploy Turbonomic using 1-Click Launch from AWS Marketplace

    OverviewThis guide provides instruction on deploying a Turbonomic Instance using 1-Click Launch on the AWS Marketplace.   Requirements AWS Account Access Valid Turbonomic license   StepsAccess AWS ...
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  • any way to restrict regions in AWS for licensing?

    I have a 25 host license but the software thinks i have 38 hosts due to all the amazon regions acting as "hosts" anyway to restrict this?
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  • Cloud $ecrets Webinar Series Part Two: De-Fogging the Public Cloud

    Open video

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  • Cloud $ecrets Webinar Series Part One: The 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption

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  • Algorithmic Decisions

    Q) How Does Turbonomics make an algorithmic decision?   I could probably research but a post gets me points and a reply gets you points ... yeaaaa ...  What are the elements the engine uses to create a mar...
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  • Configuring your AWS Billing for Turbonomic

    With the launch of Turbonomic 5.9 came an all new set of exciting and powerful capabilities around the public cloud when using Turbonomic.  As you saw in the launch details, the Turbonomic is the only hybrid clou...
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  • How do I get billing information from Azure

    Following the guides here I have managed to setup AWS as a target and also pull down billing information. I have also setup Azure as a target - but now I can't figure out how to pull down cost info - is there a guide ...
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  • Cloud Control: SoftLayer Target Setup

    **This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here] . Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes those features. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure o...
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  • Turbonomic & vCloud Director

    I have a few questions about how Turbonomic monitors vCloud Director:     1- If I want to monitor a vCloud Director platform, Do I have to add as a target vCloud's vCenter and it cells? Which is the Best Pr...
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  • How to get the required Azure credentials to add an Azure Target to VMTurbo OpsManager 5.6+

    To be able to Add an Azure Target using the VMTurbo OpsManager 5.6+ UI you need the following four credentials :- Subscription ID: An active Azure Subscription ID. Tenant ID: The Tenant ID for Your Azure Account. C...
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  • Create a VM using Openstack

    Hi,   Can someone help me how(Steps and VMT Rest API URLs) to interact with OpenStack using VMTurbo REST API?   Thanks, Suresh
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  • HI.. {question: controlling instances in Azure cloud}

    I have Launched VMTurbo operations Manager to monitor and control my instances only Running in Azure, Do not want it to add as a Cloud Management Target. Let me know is it Possible??francis.spedafino
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  • Manually Configure a Management Certificate for an Azure Target

    To authorize Operations Manager as an agent that can manage your Azure subscription, you must upload a Management Certificate to your subscription, and then copy that certificate to the Operations Manager server and r...
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