• New Chances to Become Turbonomic-Certified

      To assure Application Resource Management and business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Turbonomic is offering the following remote courses free of charge:   ACE Remote (without tests/certificatio...
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  • VM Uptime Report in Hours

    Looking for Script VM Uptime Report in Hours
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  • Does anyone integrate Right-Size actions with Microsoft SCCM?

    We are looking into implementing right-sizing actions and wonder if anyone has done an integration with Microsoft SCCM. We have internally been discussing some of the options that would be available but if someone has...
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  • NULL POINTER ERROR in vCenter Validation

    Deployed Turbonomics for the first time to evaluate the automation functionality.  The appliance deployed and started without issue.  When adding a vCenter resource, we keep getting an error.   ...
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  • RHEV 4.x API support

    Hello,   In the latest version of RHEV, 4.3, version 3 of its API is no longer supported. Which version of the RHEV 4.x API uses the latest version of Turbonomic?   Thanks!
  • Storage DRS

    Hi Community,   I'm looking for documents to create the Storage DRS through turbonomic ( VMware SDRS), but unable to see any option in turbonomic. Any help will be much appreciated.   Thanks Nilay
  • Create an Automation Task

    How to make an automation task for a specific VMs
    created by hzohair
  • Any known issues with vCenter 6.7?

    I recently upgraded my vCenter Server and all the ESX hosts in my environment to version 6.7. I am seeing some strange behavior when configured thresholds are reached and rules move VMs between hosts. It's almost like...
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  • Hyper V as Target in Turbonomic

    Hi All,   I started with Turbonomic recently. I was able to add Azure as a target in Cloud Management. Now I am trying to simulate on-premise environment using Azure nested virtualization. I spinned up a D2V3 vi...
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  • How to run PowerCLI script as an Action Script

    Table of Contents Table of Contents Background Requirements & Scope Checklist Procedure Setup Azure Hybrid Worker Create the PowerShell Script Create the Webhook in Azure Automation ...
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  • How to downsize only when VM is shutdown?

    We are currently using Version 6.0. We are exploring downsizing automatic actions for VMs. With non-disruptively mode turned on, VMs will never be downsized because downsizing is disruptively. Yet, I understand that t...
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  • Error while targeting Hyper V

    Hi I am facing validation error while targeting hyper v. I have gone thru all the documents and also mailed to support but not getting any valid support. Please suggest some solutions for this.     Thanks ...
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  • VMs huerfanas para eliminar de los datastore

    Necesito un reporte que me muestre las vms huerfanas, es decir, aquellas que estan almacenadas en los datastore pero que no tiene una vm asociada en vcenter.
    created by echamorro
  • Turbonomic 5.9.4 will not work in Hyper-V, Linux issues on update

    First observation: I installed 5.9.4 in a Server 2016 Hyper-V as a VM. I earlier had a problem with the first try with a license so I redid the whole procedure. Linux installed the import fine. I tailored the ram d...
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    Hi, everyone   Iam trying to add Hyper-V as target in Turbonomic but it is not possible, it has a message saing "validation failed". I read some articles but all of them mentions that the Hyper-V host should be ...
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  • How to disable hypervisor storage drives?

    Dear all, Just deployed the Turbonomic 5.7 software yesterday and I am very pleased with what it offers . I was playing with some policy stuff so I can see if I can set a PoC for monitoring and I stumbled upon a ver...
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  • Turbonomic Support/InteroperabilityMatrix?

    Has anyone seen a Turbonomic Support/interoperability Matrix? I’m looking to see what targets and software versions the targets are test/supported. 
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