• How to Extend/Resize Hard Drive in Operations Manager running CentOS

    These instructions are for when you are extending the existing hard drive and NOT adding a new hard drive.  1. Extend hard drive space in your hypervisor (vCenter shown below): 2. To avoid restarting the...
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  • Automating Instance Stop and Start in AWS or Azure

    Turbonomic can automatically suspend unused virtual machines in an AWS or Azure environment. This can significantly reduce monthly bills and eliminate the need to chase down development teams to clean u...
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  • Template Bulk Import and Physical to Virtual (P2V) UI Extension

    Overview This post details the installation and operation of the P2V import utility recently created to aid clients with both bulk template importing, and physical to virtual migration simulations. A previous script ...
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  • Turbonomic Early Access Program – 6.4 is Here!

    The Turbonomic Early Access program offers customers and partners with access to pre-generally available (GA) versions of Turbonomic to evaluate and test in a lab environment.   Early Access provides a great op...
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  • Excluding Certain Cloud Templates

    In certain situations you may want to excluded EC2 instance or Azure Virtual Machine types from being recommended by Turbonomic for either real-time scaling actions or migration plans.  This may be due ...
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  • Add CA Signed SSL Cert to Turbonomic (the easy way)

    ******SNAP YOUR TURBONOMIC APPLIANCE BEFORE YOU START!*****   1. SSH into your Turbonomic appliance   The username is: root The default password is: vmturbo   2. Next, Run the following commands: ...
  • Applying Policies - What wins?

    Hi   Please could somebody clear up what policy wins when i have more than one policy applied to a VM. For example, i have just created a Group. This group contains 2 vms that require vcpu increase. I have assig...
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  • Permissions required to add an OpenStack target in Turbonomic

    Turbonomic supports adding OpenStack as a cloud target. To add OpenStack as a target to Turbonomic the user used should have an admin role for a particular project. A project is a requirement when adding the OpenStack...
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  • Why is Turbonomic Provisioning a Host with Low Utilization?

    Are you seeing "Provision New Physical Machine" actions and don't understand why? We are going to look at a specific host details to diagnose these actions. As we can see in the screenshot memory does not look over-...
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  • Tips for configuring a Schedule under action mode settings

    First a big shout out to Umar for his help solving our Scheduling problem! Once again we received  a quick response and resolution form Turbonomic's tech support.   We are a big fan of using Turbonomic's au...
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