• Host core count and speed

    I recently ran into an interesting question yesterday.  It is understood that when Turbonomic delivers decisions it examines underlying core capacity and speed, but a customer reached out asking if Turbonomic exp...
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  • VMTurbo Datacenter Stencils - Suggestions Welcome

    We have just released our free Datacenter Stencil Pack for both PC users (Microsoft Visio®) and Mac users (OmniGraffle). We would love to hear your feedback and t any suggestions you may have for additional stenc...
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  • REST API and schedules typo

    Hi,   I am working with the rest api to create SCCM Maintenance Windows in Turbonomic using Powershell and it's working quite well.   I think there is a typo in the API guide concerning the action mode. Th...
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  • Turbonomic Network Utilization (WAN Deployment)

    We recently purchased and deployed Turbonomic in our environment.  We have two data centers connected by a 10Gbps link.  At the VMware layer, each data center is a separate entity with its own vCenter server...
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  • connectivity requirements for online updates of vmturbo operations manager

    (not a question)   VMTurbo requires access to external repos beyond *.vmturbo.com to perform an online update.   from the command line, you can see that the destinations are:   http://download.vmturb...
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  • Free Space is larger than Capacity Severity

    From Turbonomic Policy tab, in "Email/Trap Notification"\"Operation Manager Notification", I've setuped email notification in order to understand what can deliver Turbonomic. I am getting mail about: VMTurbo Notific...
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  • Capacity Planning Tools: Which do you use?

    There's tremendous interest in capacity planning tools these days. Capacity planning is and has always been important, but modern UI technology offers a lot of opportunity to create tools that really facilitate the pr...
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  • Turbonomic forcing you to use better practices?

    We have been using Turbonomic (VMTurbo - still like using that name) for a couple of years now. It has forced us to re-engineer our VM host and storage infrastructure so that we could Turbonomic make better and many m...
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  • Automation of adding CPU and Memory

    I would like to understand from people that have fully automated with automation how they handle bad code that will drive a server to constantly ask for more CPU or MEMORY and never stop. This is a concern I have that...
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  • Wanted to share my chargeback solution

    VMTurbo Part 2 – Chargeback | Virtual Chick   There was a lot of energy and effort put into this but I think the results are amazing. If you have any questions, please let me know
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  • Epic Review of VMT from Agnostic Computing

    This is an epic review of VMT from one of our smartest customers (who's also a great writer). Enjoy:30 Days hands-on with VMTurbo’s OpsMan 30 Days hands-on with VMTurbo’s OpsMan #VFD3 | Agnostic Computing ...
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  • Custom Dashboards – What’s Your Dashboard Look Like?

    Some of you might have noticed that you can now create custom dashboards in version 4.6 of Turbonomic. I thought it might be nice to have a discussion around some of the custom views users have come up with that they'...
    Anson McCook
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  • Building Custom Dashboards

    Has anyone seen cud's instructions on Custom Dashboards??   Each standard dashboard includes a predefined set of information panels to focus on a specific question. What if you have a different question in mind? ...
    Michael Scott
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  • Safely Consolidate 30 Data Centers into 2

    ross.goldstein of All Covered explains how they were able to safely consolidate nearly 30 distinct data centers into two flagship locations and expand their Cloud 2.0 offering to their customers.   This article ...
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  • Is your Docker management approach fit for the Docker revolution?

    This article originally appeared in the VMTurbo Blog at http://vmturbo.com/blog/is-your-docker-management-approach-fit-for-the-docker-revolution/ It has been republished here to facilitate community discussion. Ple...
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  • Using VMTurbo to manually tier across storage

    once you start using vmturbo, you realize that in-storage-array tiering is incredibly impractical. At least for the vmdk's. for raw-mapped luns, sure, but the vm data is simply not going to be helped by the long-poll...
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  • Vmturbo and cisco ucs integration

    I noticed that with the latest release of vmturbo the feature to ingest cisco ucs fabric data has been added.  Has anyone had experience with leveraging vmturbo to recommend or automate movements with these lates...
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  • Right Sizing

    My organization is extremely cautious with the right sizing recommendations of VMT, can anyone give me success or horror stories about their experience with this feature? We are a health care company and we have some ...
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  • The VMT User Interface: Resources

    Greg,   Here's a video that provides a high-level overview of the VMTurbo UI:       Hope this helps. You can also find other videos here.
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  • More UI stuff: Finding a specific Service Entity

    Curious about this. Currently, the product offers a couple of ways to find a specific service entity; navigate through the Inventory or Group trees, or use the global "Search" at the top of the application, which take...
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