• Upgrade path to 8.0

    I need to upgrade Turbonomic to version 8.0 . Our current environments have version has 5.8.3. and 6.4. Can I directly upgrade to 8.0 or is there an upgrade path that needs to be followed ? Will the existing reports n...
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  • How To Perform a Turbonomic "Offline Update" - Latest Links Included

    ** Updated November 11th, 2020 **     IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding with any update Turbonomic strongly recommends that you prepare a full backup.      The installation procedure will c...
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  • Enforcing Secure Access for Turbonomic (CentOS 7)

    This document covers installing a trusted certificate from a known certificate authority (CA), if required by company policy. Procedure summary, details follow:          &...
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  • vmTurbo Issues

    We're having some issues with our vmTurbo Virtual Health Monitor appliance. We've got some extensive history in it; so, I would like to avoid having to deploy a fresh one.   The website is giving me an "empty re...
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  • Explanation of "CPU/Mem provisioned congestion" recommendations

    If you see host provision recommendations but the risk is "Memory Provisioned" or "CPU Provisioned" then this is actually something different than just host CPU / Mem utilization congestion.   This is the vi...
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  • Can not discover EA Azure target

    It will validates but always fails to discover   Both DA and DO view charges enabled   https://greencircle.vmturbo.com/docs/DOC-6406-how-to-add-microsoft-enterprise-agreement-ea-account-to-turbonomic
  • How To Deploy Turbonomic On AWS using CloudFormation

    Overview This guide provides instruction on deploying a Turbonomic Instance on the AWS Marketplace using the CloudFormation template for configuration.    As of the time of writing of this article, the Turb...
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  • Excluding VM's from any placement or resize

    Hi, we have a large amount of Zerto VRA's across our hosting estate that we need to exclude from any placement or resize policies, can anyone advise on how the best way to do this is please. thanks.
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  • Hi!  My customer is wanting the vCPU & vMEM Peaks and Averages over the last year

    My customer needs to pull the performance metrics for vCPU & vMem on Averages and Peaks over the last 1 year time frame.  I would like to provide them a report.  I did not see a sql based report in the T...
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  • Turbonomic 7.22 stuck on "checking system status" before getting to login screen

    Hello,   I just deployed an instance of Turbonomic 7.22 but when I enter the IP address of my instance and hit <Enter> instead of going to the login screen it gets stuck at   Turbonomic will be with y...
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  • Migrating from 6.x to Turbonomic 7 (XL)

    Turbonomic 7 (XL) is our next generation platform. It is a highly-scalable and available, microservices application.  A single instance of Turbonomic 7 deployment is capable of managing over 200,000 ent...
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  • how to upgrade lic from CLI

    Recently we renewed the lic for one of the deployments.Soon after that i cannot login to the Web Console
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  • Hide Azure cost estimates

    When producing reports, is there a way to hide the fields that show potential savings?
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  • How to Enable Memory Metrics on Azure Manually

    Overview In this document, we will be looking at how we can enable Basic Metrics on Azure. This document will cover how to do this manually. If you don't have Basic Metrics enabled then Azure will not be collecting Me...
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  • CPU % Ready alerts

    I want to know if there is a way to set up alerts/notifications for CPU % Ready on a VM.
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  • Azure Target Setup [Turbonomic 6.4 or later]

    This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]. Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes those features. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softla...
  • Turbo Tip: Adding Oracle DB as a Target

         Turbonomic extends its control from the infrastructure and VM level into the applications. By collecting data from application targets Turbonomic is able to understand the application demand f...
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  • Turbonomic Product Support Lifecycle

    Product lifecycle policy Turbonomic will provide product updates for the Turbonomic product as long as it is no more than 2 years old and no more than 2 versions behind the latest generally available version. Products...
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  • Least privilege access for Turbonomic to target VMware Horizon

    There are 2 types of Horizon user roles that can be assigned to a service account that is used to add the Horizon target in Turbonomic. 1. Discovery only mode For this the least privilege access that is required to d...
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  • How to add Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) Account to Turbonomic

    Overview This article covers the process of adding Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) account to Turbonomic v6.4 and higher.   Adding Microsoft EA account to Turbonomic allows it to connect to your EA Azur...
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