• Capacity Planner functionality

    I need to generate a dashboard and report for cluster capacity.  Specifically, management wants to know how much headroom VMs is left in our various clusters.  I was informed that the Cluster Capacity dashbo...
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  • Cluster Capacity + Templates

    So, first off what is the Cluster Capacity dashboard?   This dashboard answers the question, “How many VMs can I safely add to a given cluster?” The dashboard shows how much extra capacity your clust...
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  • Is Microsoft's patch in March going to affect LDAP and external groups in Turbonomic

    In March Microsoft is releasing an LDAP update, that may affect Turbonomic external users and groups.  Is there going to be a Turbonomic patch to make things compatible?   https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/...
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  • Enabling Azure VM memory metrics using Powershell for Windows VMs

    This document explained how to enable basic memory metrics in Azure VMs manually.  When you have more than a few this can be quite tedious.  Azure Powershell enables the automation of the process.  Afte...
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  • Enabling Azure VM memory metrics using Azure CLI for Linux VMs

    This document explained how to enable basic memory metrics in Azure VMs manually.  When you have more than a few this can be quite tedious. For Linux admins, Azure CLI enables command line access to the Azure API...
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  • GET by name instead of uuid in 6.4 REST API

    Is it possible to get things by name in the 6.4 REST API instead of uuid?
  • Offline availability - turbonomic

    Hi,   Can Turbonomic fully function without storing the data in the cloud, albeit without any online access to turbonomic portal etc.? Also does it work ok with physical machines? I have specific requirement fo...
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  • Best Practices For Upgrading VMware Tools

    I noticed a couple Turbo appliances out of date on their VMware tools and was wondering if there was a best practices for upgrading? I was just going to treat it like any other, but figured I should check here first.
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  • MySQL script to return list of pending actions ?

    I'm trying to write a script which returns a list of all the Pending actions from the VMTDB MySQL database.   For example, If I look at the UI overview I can see I have a total of 546 Pending actions made up of ...
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  • Does a current VMTDB schema exist ?

    Does an up-to-date VMTDB schema definition exist? The only one I can find is for v 5 and it bears little resemblance to what i'm seeing in V 6.2
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  • On-Prem workload migration

    I just installed Turbo, I was trying to understand that, if turbo detects a hardware contention in my environment, can I create a plan, which will automatically move my vms to another cluster without me having to do a...
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  • Single Sign-On Authentication

    Configuring Single Sign-On Example of IdP Metadata Disabling Single Sign-On Support for Single Logout Managing User Accounts   If your company policy supports Single Sign-On (SSO) authentica...
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  • VM Uptime Report in Hours

    Looking for Script VM Uptime Report in Hours
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  • Integrating Turbonomic with ServiceNow

    I've found limited documentation on this. Has anyone been able to integrate Turbonomic with ServiceNow? We specifically want it setup so Turbo will do the following:   Open a Change Request(CR) in ServiceNow for...
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  • Using the 'Bare Metal' target functionality to add physical machines for Cloud migration plans.

    Purpose  of the Bare Metal target:   The Bare Metal Hypervisor target exists solely for the purpose of running Physical Machine to Cloud migration plans. This is done by creating a 'fake' VM in the On-prem ...
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  • Turbonomic Health Checks

    This feature implements two monitoring scripts which alert the end user when disk usage thresholds have been exceeded (80% utilization). The system notifications scripts are planned for the 6.3 release.   The sc...
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  • ONTAP Management gateway server crash due to Turbo?

    We are seeing an issue with an AFFA220 running ONTAP 9.6 with Turbo 6.4 configured to target the AFF.  Any time that we have the target configuration in place we are seeing issues on the NetApp with the managemen...
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  • Extend disk partition -- AWS Turbonomic Instance

    These instructions are for extending disk partitions on Turbonomic instances hosted in AWS, not on-prem. To extend disk partition for an on-prem Turbonomic instance see this article -- How to extend existing part...
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  • Steps to get HAR file to help troubleshoot UI / Browser issues

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       Open Google Chrome    In chrome, go to the page within our application where you are experiencing trouble    Select the Chrome menu (⋮) at the top-right of your browser window, then...
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  • Tips for adding AddDynamics Target

    Overview In order to add AppDynamics Target there are few requirements (for more details, please review the latest Target Configuration guide): AppD Target name (DNS) - you must ensure the name resolves on the Turbon...
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