• On-Prem workload migration

    I just installed Turbo, I was trying to understand that, if turbo detects a hardware contention in my environment, can I create a plan, which will automatically move my vms to another cluster without me having to do a...
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  • VM Uptime Report in Hours

    Looking for Script VM Uptime Report in Hours
    created by suchitpatel
  • Integrating Turbonomic with ServiceNow

    I've found limited documentation on this. Has anyone been able to integrate Turbonomic with ServiceNow? We specifically want it setup so Turbo will do the following:   Open a Change Request(CR) in ServiceNow for...
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  • ONTAP Management gateway server crash due to Turbo?

    We are seeing an issue with an AFFA220 running ONTAP 9.6 with Turbo 6.4 configured to target the AFF.  Any time that we have the target configuration in place we are seeing issues on the NetApp with the managemen...
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  • Trail Licence

    Dears,    I tried to register for trail licence , but I think there is something goes wrong with the registration process so, please give me a hand to get licence for trail version ASAP    ...
    created by john.albert
  • Does anyone integrate Right-Size actions with Microsoft SCCM?

    We are looking into implementing right-sizing actions and wonder if anyone has done an integration with Microsoft SCCM. We have internally been discussing some of the options that would be available but if someone has...
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  • How to understand excessive vMotion activity

    I feel that Turbonomic is moving VMs around far more than what is necessary given our fairly low resource utilization levels.  Is there a report that drills down into why Turbonomic is making its VM move decision...
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  • high  interested in Turbonomic

    if I want to use Turbonomic but I don't want to connect to a vcenter.    how I will monitoring windows server and sql server? 
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  • I don't receive a license email

    I want to do "FREE TRIAL". But, I have not received a license. When I accessed "Download Turbonomic" page multipl times, I received email from evalTeam@turbonomic.com. So i think that the cause is not spam.   ...
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  • Editing an existing group via API

    Hi,   I leveraged the API to create dynamic VM groups with over 80 filter criteria for a specific project. I want to edit the groups and remove some of the filter criteria to slightly change the scope of the gro...
  • No Trial key provided

    Hi, I have downloaded and installed the trial but I still have not received the trial license key. Can anyone assist with this?   Thank you, Chris
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  • Creating a Group of VMs using the REST API with PowerShell

    I need to create a group of VMs in Turbonomic that I can run a Plan exercise on using PowerShell and the REST APIs of Turbonomic.  Has anyone done something like this or already has an existing script or recommen...
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  • Create report for Plan results

    Hi, I am running CWOM 2.1.2 and running a plan (Custom>Add workload - added all vms). The result is that I have 11 VM misplaced. I would like to export the results as a report to show to the customer about possibl...
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  • how can i disable vm from vmotioning to a particular host in cluster

    i have a 5 node esxi cluster. One of node is having issues with any VM that get vmotioned to this host. . Any VM that are pre running on this particulat host has no issue. So i do not want to take this esxi out of clu...
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  • Custom Group Filter by FQDN

    Does anyone know if there's a way to create a custom group based on the FQDN or at least domain? We have situations where we have multiple domains within one environment so we need to be able to separate them into dif...
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  • Skipping folders for analysis

    I would like to configure Delete Wasted files to skip specific folders/Files on it's automation analysis
    created by urlwilliams
  • How do I add/subtract and object from an existing static group

    So I've figured out how to create a delete a group.  What I'd like to know now is how to add and remove objects from an existing group.   I'm still muddling through credentials and getting a session cookie ...
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  • VMTurbo upgrade

    What is the best option to upgrade the VMTurbo instance.
    created by sreenath.varma
  • VM Sizing in Azure

    Hi,   I am trying to find a report, or maybe I have to create one, that shows me a list if VM's and what their sizes would be if they moved to Azure: Profile name, DS2 V2, for example Current CPU's Current Me...
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  • move thresholds

    Hello,    We are using version 6.1.2 and I can't find where to review and adjust (if needed) the global thresholds that determine when a guest is moved. If such a thing exists. Can anyone point me to the ri...
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