• CWOM Technical Resources (Public)

    Technical Collateral & Field Info CWOM Integration Information Demo Resources Register for a Cisco Account ** Setup/Register/Associate your CCO ID, for free access to cisco.com resources, such as Sa...
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  • Steps to do after yum update / patching of tomcat for Operations Manager

    Please follow the steps below when you are applying a Yum update / patch for your instance as it overrides the tomcat server file which turns tomcat to enter into a failed state.   1. Run the following command to...
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  • New Chances to Become Turbonomic-Certified

    Announcing new opportunities to enhance your knowledge of Turbonomic. Both include training, lab exercises, study materials, and the exams. Turbonomic ACE certification is a prerequisite for ACE Professional (ACE PRO)...
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  • Integrating Turbonomic with ServiceNow

    I've found limited documentation on this. Has anyone been able to integrate Turbonomic with ServiceNow? We specifically want it setup so Turbo will do the following:   Open a Change Request(CR) in ServiceNow for...
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  • Custom Group Filter by FQDN

    Does anyone know if there's a way to create a custom group based on the FQDN or at least domain? We have situations where we have multiple domains within one environment so we need to be able to separate them into dif...
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  • Directory Tree View for Custom Groups

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    It would be greatly beneficial when you go to Settings>Groups if you could create parent and child folders or groups.   For example: The user creates a group All Windows VMs. Within that group, you could...
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  • Easy way to disable any custom policy

    6 votes
    It would be extremely useful to have an option to be able in one click to disable/enable any kind of custom automation or placement policy.   For any kind of reason (someone did a modification which doesn't have...
  • Editing an existing group via API

    Hi,   I leveraged the API to create dynamic VM groups with over 80 filter criteria for a specific project. I want to edit the groups and remove some of the filter criteria to slightly change the scope of the gro...
  • Temporarily disable automation

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    We use DRS and Turbonomic automation. We would like to be able to disable DRS in Virtual Center for a cluster and have Turbonomic disable moves for the same group of VMs.
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  • How to Create Custom Logo Branding for the User Interface & Reports

    This document outlines how to upload your own company logo into your Turbonomic instance.   If you don't want to monkey around with this post, let us do the work for you! Go to this post here (The specified it...
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  • How To Perform a Turbonomic "Offline Update" - Latest Links Included

    ** Updated April 9th, 2019 **   IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding with any update Turbonomic strongly recommends that you prepare a full backup.    The installation procedure will check whether you h...
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  • Datastore Placement Policy AND Mounted CD/DVD

    Hi All, vCenter Server 6.5.0 Update 1 Turbonomics 6.1.12   In my lab setup, i tried to create a placement policy to place a virtual machine on a specific datastore with following configuration. Service account...
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  • Cloud Control: Azure Target Setup [Turbonomic 5.9 or later] [Complete Guide]

    This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]. Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes those features. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softla...
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  • Skipping folders for analysis

    I would like to configure Delete Wasted files to skip specific folders/Files on it's automation analysis
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  • Getting started with Action Scripts

    Action scripts allow you to hook into the process of control. You can run a script before, instead of, and after any given action that VMTurbo generates.   To enable action scripts, check your license for the fo...
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  • How do I add/subtract and object from an existing static group

    So I've figured out how to create a delete a group.  What I'd like to know now is how to add and remove objects from an existing group.   I'm still muddling through credentials and getting a session cookie ...
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  • Install Turbonomic on RedHat 7.x (CentOS)

    Prerequisites for Turbonomic on RHEL 7.x (CentOS)  Recommended VM Configuration 4 CPU 16 GB of Memory LVM Partition mapping /boot - 250MB /var/lib/mysql - 100GB /var/log - 10GB /tmp - 10GB /srv - 25GB Fir...
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  • Logs

    Hello again wizards! Does Turbonominc have a dashboard or report to display a log of all actions taken (not recommended) by Turbonomic? Thanks again!   Mike
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  • Ability to create dynamic groups using the "IP address" attribute

    2 votes
    Hi,   I think it would be useful from a management perspective to have the ability to create VM groups based on the IP address (or addresses) of VMs. I know it requires VMware Tools (or other kind of "tools" dep...
  • Creating a Group of VMs using the REST API with PowerShell

    I need to create a group of VMs in Turbonomic that I can run a Plan exercise on using PowerShell and the REST APIs of Turbonomic.  Has anyone done something like this or already has an existing script or recommen...
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