• Does anyone integrate Right-Size actions with Microsoft SCCM?

    We are looking into implementing right-sizing actions and wonder if anyone has done an integration with Microsoft SCCM. We have internally been discussing some of the options that would be available but if someone has...
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  • New Chances to Become Turbonomic-Certified

    Announcing new opportunities to enhance your knowledge of Turbonomic. Both include training, lab exercises, study materials, and the exams. Turbonomic ACE certification is a prerequisite for ACE Professional (ACE PRO)...
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  • Install Turbonomic on RedHat 7.x (CentOS)

    For a comprehensive install guide please refer to the official documentation starting on page 52 of the Installation Guide: https://docs.turbonomic.com/pdfdocs/Turbonomic_INSTALL_PRINT_6.4.2.pdf  Prerequisites f...
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  • How To Perform a Turbonomic "Offline Update" - Latest Links Included

    ** Updated October 7th, 2019 **   IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding with any update Turbonomic strongly recommends that you prepare a full backup.    The installation procedure will check whether you...
    Francis Spedafino
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  • CWOM Technical Resources (Public)

    Technical Collateral & Field Info CWOM Integration Information Demo Resources Register for a Cisco Account ** Setup/Register/Associate your CCO ID, for free access to cisco.com resources, such as Sa...
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  • NULL POINTER ERROR in vCenter Validation

    Deployed Turbonomics for the first time to evaluate the automation functionality.  The appliance deployed and started without issue.  When adding a vCenter resource, we keep getting an error.   ...
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  • Turbonomic EULA (2019)

    Attached to this post is a PDF of our current EULA. If you wish to propose specific changes in the process of finalizing your agreement with VMTurbo, please request an editable version from Steve.Rajcula@turbonomic.co...
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  • Setting up CloudWatch Memory Metrics on Windows Instances on AWS

    Turbonomic leverages MemoryUsed reported into CloudWatch. This document covers configuring the AWS CloudWatch agent to capture Windows EC2 MemoryUsed stats in Turbonomic by leveraging AWS Systems M...
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  • Integrating Turbonomic with ServiceNow

    I've found limited documentation on this. Has anyone been able to integrate Turbonomic with ServiceNow? We specifically want it setup so Turbo will do the following:   Open a Change Request(CR) in ServiceNow for...
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  • Automating Instance Stop and Start in AWS or Azure

    Turbonomic can automatically suspend unused virtual machines in an AWS or Azure environment. This can significantly reduce monthly bills and eliminate the need to chase down development teams to clean u...
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  • Automating Stop and Start AWS and Azure VMs on a Schedule in 6.4

    With our latest release we’ve improved the scheduling functionality in Turbonomic making it much easier to set a schedule for suspending and starting VMs in AWS and Azure.   Below is an example of how to ...
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  • CPU cores possible to include in a report?

    So, I'm currently trying to make a custom report and was wondering can I get the cores alotted to a vm in the report. Also is it possible to retrieve the vm's ip address.   Thanks!
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  • Turbonomic Health Checks

    This feature implements two monitoring scripts which alert the end user when disk usage thresholds have been exceeded (80% utilization). The system notifications scripts are planned for the 6.3 release.   The sc...
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  • Creating Azure Service Principal using Azure CLI

    Overview In this guide, we will cover the process of creating an Azure Service Principal and (optionally) assign it to multiple subscriptions using Azure CLI. We will then use the information to add an Azure Targ...
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  • Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]

    **Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes the "Public Cloud" feature. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softlayer with your current license please reach out to sales@turbonomi...
    Anson McCook
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  • How to add Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) Account to Turbonomic

    Overview This article covers the process of adding Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) account to Turbonomic v6.4 and higher.   Adding Microsoft EA account to Turbonomic allows it to connect to your EA...
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  • Azure Target Setup [Turbonomic 6.4 or later]

    This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]. Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes those features. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softla...
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  • Disable scale actions for AWS EMR clusters

    This document describes how to disable scale actions for AWS EMR in Turbonomic by creating a dynamic group filtered to appropriate tags.    What is AWS EMR?  AWS EMR is a big data platform which allow...
  • On-Prem workload migration

    I just installed Turbo, I was trying to understand that, if turbo detects a hardware contention in my environment, can I create a plan, which will automatically move my vms to another cluster without me having to do a...
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  • Cloud Control: Azure Target Setup [Turbonomic 5.9 to 6.3x] [Complete Guide]

    This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]. Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes those features. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softla...
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