• How To Perform a Turbonomic "Offline Update" - Latest Links Included

    ** Updated July 10th, 2020 **     IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding with any update Turbonomic strongly recommends that you prepare a full backup.      The installation procedure will check...
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  • How to Enable Memory Metrics on Azure Manually

    Overview In this document, we will be looking at how we can enable Basic Metrics on Azure. This document will cover how to do this manually. If you don't have Basic Metrics enabled then Azure will not be collecting Me...
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  • Migrating from 6.x to Turbonomic 7 (XL)

    Turbonomic 7 (XL) is our next generation platform. It is a highly-scalable and available, microservices application.  A single instance of Turbonomic 7 deployment is capable of managing over 200,000 ent...
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  • Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]

    **Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes the "Public Cloud" feature. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softlayer with your current license please reach out to sales@turbonomi...
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  • New Chances to Become Turbonomic-Certified

      To assure Application Resource Management and business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Turbonomic is offering the following remote courses free of charge:   ACE Remote (without tests/certificatio...
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  • Turbonomic SaaS IAM Role Setup

    With the release of our new Turbonomic SaaS offering we've modified the steps to target AWS accounts using IAM Roles. Below is a summary as well as step by step instructions. The Identity Provider ...
    Ben Yemini
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  • Automating Stop and Start AWS and Azure VMs on a Schedule in 6.4

    With our latest release we’ve improved the scheduling functionality in Turbonomic making it much easier to set a schedule for suspending and starting VMs in AWS and Azure.   Below is an example of how to ...
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  • Application Discovery Setup for Windows (Versions 6.1+) and Troubleshooting

    This document covers how to setup Application Discovery for Windows guests. Starting in version 6.1.0, Turbonomic uses WinRM to collect guest-OS and application metrics. For versions prior to 6.1.0, please see: A...
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  • Setting up CloudWatch Memory Metrics on Windows Instances on AWS

    Turbonomic leverages MemoryUsed reported into CloudWatch. This document covers configuring the AWS CloudWatch agent to capture Windows EC2 MemoryUsed stats in Turbonomic by leveraging AWS Systems M...
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  • ServiceNow Integration

    Hello All, servicenow I am trying to integrate ServiceNow with Cisco Workload optimization manager but hitting an error. The error is not very accurate and error is related to IP, username and password and the targe...
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  • Turbo Tip: Adding AWS Target using role based cross-account trust

    OverviewThis summary documents how a Turbonomic instance can access multiple AWS targets using a role based access rather than doing so through access keys.  This offers a more manageable and scalable o...
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  • How to manually deploy the Turbonomic Marketplace AMI on AWS

    Overview This guide will provide instructions on how to deploy the Turbonomic AWS Marketplace template on EC2.   For AWS Marketplace 1-Click Launch process please click here   Note: The process outlin...
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  • Azure Target Setup [Turbonomic 6.4 or later]

    This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]. Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes those features. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softla...
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  • Unexpected Shutdown Message after Scaling Action

    How do I allow a soft shutdown when accepting an action on a Windows AWS EC2 Instance?  I accepted some pending actions, and after the scaling action took place I logged back into the OS to find the dreaded "Unex...
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  • How to deploy Turbonomic Server on Azure (Marketplace Image)

    Overview This guide will provide instructions on how to deploy the Turbonomic Marketplace template on Azure.   For Deploying Turbonomic on AWS, please visit this article   Requirements: To deploy Turbo...
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  • How to Extend the Disk Partition on CentOS

    **This document outlines how to resize a partition on a Turbonomic/CentOS VM using a new disk added.**   **Be aware** :    This article explains how to add a new virtual disk and to assign all space on...
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  • How to Extend/Resize Hard Drive in Operations Manager running CentOS

    These instructions are for when you are extending the existing hard drive and NOT adding a new hard drive.  1. Extend hard drive space in your hypervisor (vCenter shown below): 2. To avoid restarting the...
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  • What does DrsSegmentationCommodity congestion mean

    I'd like to understand 'DrsSegmentationCommodity congestion" better.  Does this mean the vMotion network is clogged up?  How can I resolve this?
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  • Turbonomic support for Network Security

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    With the addition of the Network Module to Turbonomic, has there been any discussion about supporting Network Security systems such as Cisco ASA, Palo Alto Networks, VMware NSX-v, AWS VPC, etc.?   A multi-vendor...
    Rene Van Den Bedem
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  • Creating Azure Service Principal using Azure CLI

    Overview In this guide, we will cover the process of creating an Azure Service Principal and (optionally) assign it to multiple subscriptions using Azure CLI. We will then use the information to add an Azure Targ...
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