• Setting up CloudWatch with your Linux Instances on AWS

    Turbonomic leverages MemoryUsed reported into CloudWatch. In this document, we cover how to configure AWS to capture memory stats in Turbonomic from your Linux EC2 instances using AWS Systems ...
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  • How To Perform a Turbonomic "Offline Update" - Latest Links Included

    ** Updated December 10th, 2018 **   IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding with any update Turbonomic strongly recommends that you prepare a full backup.    The installation procedure will check whether y...
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  • New Chances to Become Turbonomic-Certified

    Announcing new opportunities to enhance your knowledge of Turbonomic. Both include training, lab exercises, study materials, and the exams. Turbonomic ACE certification is a prerequisite for ACE Professional (ACE PRO)...
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  • Turbo Tip: Adding AWS Target using role based cross-account trust

    OverviewThis summary documents how a Turbonomic instance can access multiple AWS targets using a role based access rather than doing so through access keys.  This offers a more manageable and scalable o...
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  • Automation stops working after upgrading the appliance

    Upgraded to 6.2.4 a few weeks back and noticed that my automated nightly storage moves had stopped working.  Went into my policy and it was still configured correctly.  Had to do the "toggle trick" where you...
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  • Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]

    **Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes "Public Cloud" feature. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softlayer with your current license please reach out to sales@turbonomic.co...
  • AWS Memory Stats - Windows

    Turbonomic leverages MemoryUsed reported into CloudWatch. In this document, we cover how to configure AWS to capture memory stats in Turbonomic from your Windows EC2 instances using AWS Systems Man...
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  • Determine Hosts Needed for Current Environment

    I am not very knowledgeable with Turbonomic so this may be an easy one. We have recently split our Datacenter into 2 different clusters (one for Windows, one for Linux). Everything was running in Cluster #1, we then p...
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  • How to manually deploy the Turbonomic Marketplace AMI on AWS

    Overview This guide will provide instructions on how to deploy the Turbonomic AWS Marketplace template on EC2. The process outlined in this article is manual deployment, for fully orchestrated process using AWS Cloud...
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  • Guestload Application Discovery: Using AD GPO To Distribute Necessary Registry Changes

    UPDATED WORK: Application Discovery Setup for Windows (Versions 6.1+)  PREVIOUS WORK: https://greencircle.vmturbo.com/docs/DOC-3390   VALIDATION Yes Turbonomic internal documentation reference Y...
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  • Platespin integration ?

    I know that Turbonomic integrates with Zerto and Rubrik for Move to Cloud migration, but is it in the plans to add an integration with Microfocus Platespin ?    It is a large actor in EMEA.   Thanks
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  • Setting up Active Directory in New UI

    1.) Navigate to Settings > User Management    2.) Select Active Directory and then Connect to AD. Enter in your Active Directory Domain. By default, the Active Directory Server is optional. If you would ...
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  • How to Setup Tomcat Discovery on Your Turbonomic Instance

    ***The following setup is only applicable to users with the Application Control Module or Application Edition running on 5.2 or higher***   If you do not have the Application Control Module or Application Edition...
    Anson McCook
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  • Setting up Active Directory Authentication to the mySQL Database

    Is it possible to setup Active Directory authentication to the mySQL Database?
  • Excluding VMs from Policy

    Is there a way to exclude VMs from a policy in the new UI?  As an example, we have a bunch of VMs in the cloud that are set up as reservations, Turbo keeps recommending a downsize for those VMs;  downsizing ...
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  • Explanation of "CPU/Mem provisioned congestion" recommendations

    If you see host provision recommendations but the risk is "Memory Provisioned" or "CPU Provisioned" then this is actually something different than just host CPU / Mem utilisation congestion.   This is the vi...
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  • How to downsize only when VM is shutdown?

    We are currently using Version 6.0. We are exploring downsizing automatic actions for VMs. With non-disruptively mode turned on, VMs will never be downsized because downsizing is disruptively. Yet, I understand that t...
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  • HttpConnectorException

    Hi, When we are trying to setup AppDynamics target in Turbonomic and call the API , we are getting error as below :- Verified, we can ping the DNS name (FQDN controller) via the Turbonomic server. SSL is true and no...
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  • Tips for adding AddDynamics Target

    Overview In order to add AppDynamics Target there are few requirements (for more details, please review the latest Target Configuration guide): AppD Target name (DNS) - you must ensure the name resolves on the Turbon...
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  • Setup for Hyper-V, VMM, Exchange Targets - Enable WinRM Manually with Troubleshooting steps

    Enabling WinRM is required to connect to Hyper-V, VMM, or Exchange targets. To enable WinRM manually on a target, just run the following commands via PowerShell.   Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Service\AllowUnencrypt...
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