• WSMan service configuration using domain GPO

    WSMan has replaced WMI for Hyper-v and Microsoft APM configurations in Turbonomic 5.4 and above. WSMan will need to be enabled in order to use Turbonomic on Hyper-v before upgrading from previous versions. &...
  • WSMan/WinRM over HTTPS service configuration

    Many users would prefer to use a secure version of WSMan for communication between VMTurbo and Windows systems such as Hyper-V. To configure WSMan using HTTPS there are 3 steps: Create a certificate for the WSMan ser...
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  • Enable/Disable WinRM on remote hosts

    WSMan and has replaced WMI for Hyper-v and Microsoft APM configurations in VMTurbo 5.4 and above. WSMan will need to be enabled in order to use VMTurbo on Hyper-v before upgrading from previous versions. Summary Downl...
    Matt Ray
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  • Seeking Information

    Hello,   Please can someone let me know whether or not the turbonomic supports VMware vCenter server virtual appliance 6.5 & Esxi 6.5 ?   Thanks, Divanshu Kaushik
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  • Hyper-V 2016

    Is there support Fro Hyper-v 2016 yet?  I keep getting a SELECT error?
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  • How to validate Hyper-V hypervisor

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked a few times, but I am new to Turbonomic and am trying to get my Hyper-V server connected.  I am getting the dreaded "Validation Failed" message and I also get "Error executing que...
    Evan Clarke
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  • Secure communication between VMTurbo and Windows

    I've read the document that details how to setup the remote servers for the secure version of WSMan for communication between VMTurbo and Windows however how do I setup the VMTurbo server to always communicate with th...
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  • Can't add hosts

    Hi. Just setup VMTURBO free 5.3 and upgraded to 5.4. The first few time I logged in I was presented with a setup screen where I could add devices, but it no longer does that and I can't find a way to get this screen b...
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  • Failed to validate 192.168.x.x: The virtualization namespace is not accessible

    I've a Problem to add a free Hyper-V 2012 Server to the VMTurbo Appliance. Every time the meesage "Failed to validate 192.168.***.***: The virtualization namespace is not accessible" pop up.   I changed the WMI ...
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  • Failed to Validate Hyper v host into VMTurbo

    HI   I'm having an issue adding in my 2012 Hyper v host even after changing permisisons on the registry keys. I've read about a command line validation script. Can someone provide me a valid link to the script?...
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  • Setup - Setting up a target in Operations Manager 5.1 Update 4

    Hello all,   I recently found this product and I am trying to test it out for my environment. I got the server stood up fine and imported the license file but I am having a hard time targeting any of my Hyper-V ...
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  • XenTools Install Fails In Ops Man XVA Virtual Machine

    Symptoms  When installing XenTools inside the VMTurbo Operations Manager server for XenServer the following error is returned:        Fatal Error: Failed to determine Linux distrib...
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  • How to configure a static IP address on an Xen deployment of VMTurbo

    This article will help with the following questions: - How do I deploy the VMturbo appliance if I am not running DHCP? -The VMTurbo appliance 'hangs' after a message ' NET: Registered protocol family 17 ' and I cann...
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  • Troubleshooting - VMware infrastructure

    This morning around 10 AM, I was asked to join a "HURT" bridge due to an application product that experienced mainframe cpu response time issues. This application product is virtualized in our Cisco UCS infrastructure...
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  • Turbo Tip: Adding Red Hat JBoss as a Target

    Introduced in Turbonomic v5.0 is the ability to add your Java Application Servers into Turbonomic by leveraging for Red Hat JBoss, the managed domain – domain controller or the standalone server.  This meth...
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  • Fail to validate target

    I had to redo my VMTurbo appliance. In the past, I logged in as a user that was limited to two of three of my clusters so I didn't exceed my licensing. Now when I try to add my target as that user, I get an error that...
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  • Uptime and Replication Health

    We have recently setup VMTurbo to help manage our HyperV hosts. Before VMTurbo, we had a custom script run on the hosts that would email our engineering team each morning that was basically a health report for each ho...
  • Turbo Tip: Powershell ISE Trick for Hyper-v

    *** WMI has been replaced by WSMan in VMTurbo 5.4. Please use the following documents either with GPO or without GPO for newer versions of VMTurbo and before upgrading to 5.4 *** Hi All,   I wanted to share a n...
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  • Monitoring Hyper-V CSV IOPS and Utilization

    I have this issue raised with Steve Gibbons who is investigating but in case anyone else knows how this is done or even if its possible then i'd like to hear.   We are trying to get IOPS/Utilization stats for Hy...
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  • Hyper-V Targets fail validation after 5.4 update

    Not sure if anyone has come across this but Hyper-V 2012 R2 hosts are failing validation with a SELECT error after the 5.4 update  
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