• Is anyone using Turbonomic placement polices to lock 2008 guests to specific hosts?

    Is anyone using Turbonomic placement polices to lock 2008 guests to specific hosts? If so how well does it work. Any issues around doing this?
  • Looking at reports for storage latency, how is this measured, monthly average, peak or some other sample rate

    Sample provided from Daily digest Top Latency Grid 30 days - is this the average over 30 days 24x7 ??   Virtual Machine Data Store Storage Used (MB) IOPS Latency (MSecs) Windows1.site1.com.au Prod-NAS-002 347,3...
    created by ron
  • Simple Storage Report for Local Datastores

    Hi, I have a test cluster of ESXI nodes with thick provisioned VMs. Each node has a local VMFS datastore. I am looking for a simple report that will show the total capacity available for storage of all the nodes ...
    created by darragh.odoherty
  • Change the RAM/CPU costs in Rightsizing reports

    Hi, Is it possible to set what 1x CPU / 1x GB RAM costs? The reason I ask is we're looking at using Turbonomics to produce rightsizing reports for our customers. Therefore these reports would need to show the cost sa...
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  • Need performance profile report

    Is there a way to produce a performance profile for VMs that reside on datastores served from 2 nodes in a 6 node storage array cluster? I'm trying to get a snapshot of the VMs that produce the heaviest IO between mi...
  • Virtual Machine Migration Activity

    Is there a report that will give me a history of migration activity between hosts?  Either based on the virtual machine or the hosts?
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  • Report that shows NIC type of all machines

    We are upgrading our NICs from e1000 to vmxnet3. I want to see how many are completed and show the percentage of the environment that is upgraded
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  • Violation of workload placement policy report

    Hello,   We use a large number of workload placement policies in our environment and was wondering if there is a way to get a weekly report about violations.   Thanks, Nate
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    *****Please find the full Idle VM Custom Report here*****  Hi,    i am trying to create a custom report for all the idle vms in my environment. I have downloaded the zip file but it is not pulling any...
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