• Looking at reports for storage latency, how is this measured, monthly average, peak or some other sample rate

    Sample provided from Daily digest Top Latency Grid 30 days - is this the average over 30 days 24x7 ??   Virtual Machine Data Store Storage Used (MB) IOPS Latency (MSecs) Windows1.site1.com.au Prod-NAS-002 347,3...
    created by ron
  • Simple Storage Report for Local Datastores

    Hi, I have a test cluster of ESXI nodes with thick provisioned VMs. Each node has a local VMFS datastore. I am looking for a simple report that will show the total capacity available for storage of all the nodes ...
    created by darragh.odoherty
  • Change the RAM/CPU costs in Rightsizing reports

    Hi, Is it possible to set what 1x CPU / 1x GB RAM costs? The reason I ask is we're looking at using Turbonomics to produce rightsizing reports for our customers. Therefore these reports would need to show the cost sa...
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  • Need performance profile report

    Is there a way to produce a performance profile for VMs that reside on datastores served from 2 nodes in a 6 node storage array cluster? I'm trying to get a snapshot of the VMs that produce the heaviest IO between mi...
  • Virtual Machine Migration Activity

    Is there a report that will give me a history of migration activity between hosts?  Either based on the virtual machine or the hosts?
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  • Report that shows NIC type of all machines

    We are upgrading our NICs from e1000 to vmxnet3. I want to see how many are completed and show the percentage of the environment that is upgraded
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  • Violation of workload placement policy report

    Hello,   We use a large number of workload placement policies in our environment and was wondering if there is a way to get a weekly report about violations.   Thanks, Nate
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    *****Please find the full Idle VM Custom Report here*****  Hi,    i am trying to create a custom report for all the idle vms in my environment. I have downloaded the zip file but it is not pulling any...
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