• Have a user with Observer role . required to view my created plans under administrator, can the advisor role work ?

    Will the advisor role view new plans (and contents)  created by the administrator Can the advisor re-run the plan created by the administrator ?
    created by epvm
  • Does Tubonomic User Login support 2 Factor Authentication?

    My customer is implementing Turbonomic and they are very keen on 2 Factor Authentication. I'm wondering if it is part of the current release level, or if not, is it on the roadmap and for when?
    created by jj2mtn
  • GC issues with Java 1.7.0 u 21 (32 bit; Linux)

    Hello,   I only make this comment because I notice that the 1.6.2 release of UMS for Windows promotes usage of the 1.7.0 u 21 Java VM. I find that u 21 has made significant changes to GC policy and as such, even...
    created by johntimber
  • GC and Heap

    Hello,   Is my understanding correct here:If I enable MICROPY_ENABLE_GC, then the system will allocate an area of RAM at startup and use this ram for storing all the data. Doing it's own malloc in that are and m...
    created by johntimber
  • HD Video not playing in Android RPI3 using userland

    Hello,   I am running userland (hellovideo) application in Android rpi3. After fetching h264 data from file OMX_EmptyThisBuffer() is invoked to transfer the buffer to decoder. In my case after decoding the data,...
    created by johntimber
  • Reset Administrator Password

    Hello,   I see this question asked may times in the forum.  I have inherited an VMTurbo installation and the administrator password I was given does not work.  How can I reset it?
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  • Disable http

    hello   I need to disable Http in the Admin page. Only https is allowed. I found a KB, but the file that I need to modified is not present in the Turbonomics Vmware appliance
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