• Reading Tags from VMWare

    I am playing with VM Tags for SQL machines to identify SQL targets in Turbo, however Turbo is not seeing the VM Tags.  We have are on VCenter 6.0 with PSC version 6.5.  Is anyone using VM Tagging in VCenter,...
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  • Turbonomic 6 under CentOS and VM Version 11?

    When Turbonomic was under OpenSuse/5.x, changing the default OVA deployment VM Version level was not recommended and broke many things when tried    Is Turbonomic 6.x under the CentOS ova deployment method ...
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  • What metric is Turbonomic pulling from vCenter to get memory usage?

    Hi,   For a VMs memory usage what metric is being pulled from vCenter? The actual call/query would be helpful if possible.   Thanks, Nate
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  • Will/Should  we wait for a Turbonomic update prior to VMware 6.5 update 1?   What is lowest supported version build number for it?

    Will/Should we wait for a Turbonomic update prior to VMware 6.5 update 1? What is lowest supported version build number for 6.5 update 1
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  • Can I add a second vcenter to virtual health monitor?

    Hi,   As i said on th subject, is it possible to add a second VCenter to monitor ?   Thanks   Enjoy   Tdbchess
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  • How can turbonomic accurately track OS memory usage, to make sizing recommendations, when vCenter can't?

    We ran into an issue today where a VMs memory usage was under 40% in turbonomic and vCenter, but oom killer was killing processes because of lack of memory. We had no recommendation to increase the VMs memory from tur...
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  • Missing virtual machines

    Hi,   I'm pretty new to Turbonomic. I installed Virtual Health Monitor with free licence and connected it to ESXi 6.0 hypervisor. I know that free ESXi generally not supported, but it seems to be working (at l...
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  • Adding 2nd vCenter fails

    Hi. I am testin Turbonomics and have run into a problem where I cant add second vcenter. I get the following error message.   - Failed to validate <vcenter name>: RemoteException: VI SDK invoke exception :...
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  • Can I monitor ESXi 6.0 Host without VCenter?

    Can I have the Virtual Health Monitor, monitor the physical host if I'm not using VCenter. I simply have a host running ESXi 6.0 with 2 virtuals. Ideally I'd like to monitor the health of the host machine and have it ...
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  • vsphere 6 announcement

    Will vmturbo be ready to support vsphere 6 at release in this quarter?
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  • Have VMTurbo monitor only specific host in vCenter

    Hi,   How do I configure VMTurbo Operations Manager to only monitor specific VM host in VMWare vCenter?  Our VMTurbo is alerting regarding exceeded socket limit and I really dont need it to monitor certain ...
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  • vcenter in linked mode can't see the other vcenter server in dashboard

    vCenter in Linked mode, but can't see the other vCenter in the dashboard of VMTurbo Operation Manager
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  • I have try to deploye VMTurbo Virtual Health Monitor in VM Ware. But its not taking the default password "administrator". Please help to resolve this issue.

    I have try to deploye VMTurbo Virtual Health Monitor in VM Ware. But its not taking the default password "administrator". Please help to resolve this issue.
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  • Monitor only a list of Target Hosts (vmware)?

    Is it possible to limit the monitoring to only a list of target Hosts instead of all the vmware clusters with vcenter?   Really, we want to monitor only a few clusters.   Thanks   Keith
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  • Projected improvement is 100%

    Hello All,   I am having some issue hope i can find any fix/resolution here. My vmware infrastructure utilization is really low around 40% overall, but not sure why its showing 100% on all of the servers in proj...
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  • Migrating hosts to a new vCenter Appliance - VMTurbo Config Changes

    I am going to be migrating our hosts from a HA/DRS cluster managed by vCenter on Windows over to a new cluster managed by the vCenter Appliance.  I have all of the VMware related tasks under control and tested bu...
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  • Historical info lost after reboots

    I'm using the free health monitor to monitor our XenServer VDI environment and I notice that any time the VMTurbo VM is rebooted I not only lose the dashboard info (which I expected) but I also lose historical info in...
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  • Critical memory congestion incongruence?

    My VMTurbo dashboard tells me my VDI cluster is beginning to suffer from Critical Memory Congestion and is now recommending that I provision two more hosts.  This message began reporting on Saturday (a relatively...
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  • VMware CPU Scheduling

    I was reading VMTurbo blog: http://vmturbo.com/blog/still-waiting-on-that-cpu-ready-queue-line/ I tried to post a comment, but the website errors saying that log in is required.  (even if I'm logged into the VMT...
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  • What does the notification mean "Exception trying to retrieve data from target <vcenter server>"

    I receive the message a couple of times a day saying there was an exception trying to retrieve data from my target vcenter server. However there is no corresponding alert or message in the VMTurbo dashboard. As well V...
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