• Scale down recommendations

    So I am looking at trying to reduce my scale down options that are presented to me in Turbo and looking on how to set up these policies.   1. Omit scale down recommendations of vms that are at 4GB ...
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  • Exclude Pending Actions?

    Is it possible to exclude some “pending actions” from the Supply Chain, at the main view? Like all “Provision Host similar …”   Make them, or some of them excluded from the Pendi...
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  • Turbonomics in a SCOM environment

    We are currently using SCOM to monitor VM infrastructure and using Turbonmomics 6.3.4 to automatically right size VM storage and memory.  Since Turbonomic has a more comprehensive monitoring algorithm.  I am...
    created by mwidlar
  • Server 2016 & SCVMM 2016 targets

    Where can I find some documentation re support for Microsoft Server 2016 & System Center 2016 VMM Targets?
    created by stephen.moran
  • What is best practice for Patching on TURBO Appliance OS?

    Patching on TURBO Appliance OS, Is there standard practice? How do we fix the following    87264 Apache HTTP Server Prior to 2.4.10 Multiple Vulnerabilities 87264 Apache HTTP Server Prior to 2.4.10 M...
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  • Still no trial licence for vmturbo

    Hi, I have downloaded the trial VMTURBO for evaluation, but am yet to receive the licence key.   Have deployed the OVA so just waiting on this licence.   Thanks & Regards,
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  • Dallas TUG

    TUG:   Is there already a TUG created in Dallas, Texas? If not what would it take for me to get one setup here?   Greg Pires Implementation Engineer
    created by greg.pires
  • License Key

    after the Download I am waiting for the License Key still don't get it.
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  • Critical Health check warning Free Disk Space Test Log

    Hi All   Wondering if any of you can advise.   I am getting a critical health check warning Free Disk Space Test Log, I cam across a forum post that says check the /tmp folder for large files. When i do a ...
    created by mlangton
  • SMART Workload Video with Spanish Subtitles

    Open video

    created by allan.camhi
  • Unable to apply storage move recommendation.

    I deployed a new appliance in a new environment, and all my storage move recommendations are "grayed out" I cannot check the box to apply the action.    I thought this was allowed out of the box, but it has...
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  • suspend host recommendation

    Turbonomics is moving all of the virtual machines off of one vmware host saying it is underutilized and to save on cooling etc we should turn it off and also at the same time saying we need to add another host. That s...
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