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Hear Mike Campbell (mike.campbell), from ACI explain the value they derive from using VMTurbo to run their hosted financial solutions (payment processing) business.


He talks about how using VMTurbo helps him meet his specific business goal of delivering Performance, Stability and Security & Compliance to customers while managing their own growth and maintaining "infrastructure efficiency"


His challenges:

    • Managing overall growth and consolidation of M&A acquired environments
    • Taming increased opex pressure, especially in software licensing cost
    • Assuring performance and stability of core payment applications
    • Managing infrastructure sprawl and complexity


He talks specifically about the ROI they have experienced through gaining control of their infrastructure.

Here's what Mike had to say:

VMTurbo customer Stephen Gallagher of HCSC came to talk to us at VMworld about how VMTurbo cut down their licensing fees and correctly right sized their environment.


Here's what Stephen had to say:

VMTurbo customer Sean Davis of IHG Group came to talk to us at VMworld about how VMTurbo took control of their change control issues.


Here's what Sean had to say:

VMTurbo customer ryan.kane of AMGH came to talk to us at VMworld about how VMTurbo satisfied their capacity planning needs.


Here's what Ryan had to say:

VMTurbo customer matthew.bradford  of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center came to talk to us at VMworld about how VMTurbo allows them to manage consistent performance of their environment including Citrix XenApp on VMware, where performance is defined by; "when doctors need that information, they need it then and there." In addition, he talks about the value of doing using a capacity planner that runs off of current, up to date information.


Here's what Matt had to say:

VMTurbo customer and Green Circle founder ddarden came to talk to us at VMworld about how VMTurbo manages City of Garland's VDI infrastructure.


Here's what Dammions had to say:

VMTurbo customer cfecteau of Taxware came to talk to us at VMworld about VMTurbo's usability.


Here's what Christine had to say:

Imagine what you could do with the time and peace of mind freed up by letting software control application performance across your environment, instead of responding to alerts and troubleshooting... Here's a 1:06 video we created for VMworld 2015 to inspire your imagination about that desired state - share yours in a comment below!


In a natural world, the healthiest ecosystems are those that are the most diverse. Things aren’t so different in your company’s IT ecosystem. However, the process of increasing diversity can often come with increased risk. Today, VMware’s hypervisor is in the vast majority of virtualized enterprise environments. Fortunately, VMTurbo enables risk free V to V migration by accurately mapping the end to end relationships, physical and logical resource utilization and capacity or all hypervisor flavors, including Hyper V and VM Ware’s V sphere, and their application services, VMs, hosts, and storage in a single unified approach. Whether your company is interested in increasing the diversity of its data center ecosystem or it’s already diversifying, we can help you mitigate the risks that come from V to V migration.


In a software driven world, defining your data center is no longer enough. To deliver what the business needs, IT must not only define the infrastructure and software, but drive that environment to its desired state while controlling everything the application work load needs to touch.  End to end, whether compute, storage, fabric, or network. VMTurbo’s software driven control platform with VNX support enables you to maximize the utilization of your V block environment while assuring the performance of key business services and applications.


VMTurbo is Demand-Driven Control. But what exactly is control? Learn about the concept of Demand Driven Control for your virtual data center and how VMTurbo can help.


Learn how VMTurbo's software provides real-time demand-driven control across the virtualized data center, helping you drive application performance while using your infrastructure as efficiently as possible.


Data centers are the fastest-growing consumers of electricity in the United States. The problem? Most data center servers are wildly underutilized. Even with virtualization, the majority of servers never come close to using their full capacity. To accommodate growth, data centers add more CPU, more RAM, more everything, year after year – never truly utilizing the existing infrastructure to its full potential. What if you could accurately match infrastructure supply with application demand, and avoid buying all those shiny new servers? VMTurbo helps you use existing hardware more efficiently – safely packing higher workload densities, reducing overhead and saving energy.


New VMTurbo customer david.riley of Newfield Exploration visited us at our VMworld booth to discuss why they chose VMTurbo:


VMTurbo customer and Green Circle Founder, edwardlane of Armed Forces Bank, stopped by the VMTurbo booth at VMworld to share his experience with VMTurbo thus far: