VMTurbo: Easy Migration to Control Heterogeneous Environments

Blog Post created by eric.senunas on May 22, 2014

VMTurbo enables risk-free V2V migration, as it accurately maps the end-to-end relationships, physical and logical resource utilization and capacity for all hypervisor flavors – including Hyper-V and VMware vSphere and their application services, VMs, hosts and storage in a single unified approach.  VMTurbo also understands resource and capacity demands across hypervisors, and the placement and resource allocation decisions necessary to keep the environment healthy and efficient – throughout the migration and beyond.


This unified approach across hypervisor flavors enables “what-if” planning – including the creation of actionable work plans to understand every possible aspect of migration to Hyper-V, as well as for growth in existing and new applications, guiding accurate infrastructure capacity requirements to assure performance while driving greater efficiency: