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William Souder, VP of Engineering and Online Operations at GNAX, shares details regarding his experiences using VMTurbo Operations Manager.  GNAX uses VMTurbo to control its Infrastructure-as-a-Service environment to ensure service delivery to its subscribers while maximizing its infrastructure investments.



Watch the video and learn how GNAX is leveraging VMTurbo for success...

Southern Waste Systems (SWS) is the largest recycler of construction debris in the Southeast US, specializing in the collection and processing of commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential waste. Through ongoing R&D and process upgrades, they are the industry leader in the collection and recycling of yard waste, bulk residential waste and construction and demolition materials. VMTurbo helps them with virtualization management for their 24/7/365 environment. As their Director of IT says, “There’s no one else that does what VMTurbo does”:



Their system manages waste throughout the supply cycle from pickup to processing the materials for recycling and reuse to managing the sale of those materials on the commodity market to maximize the price they command. Their goal is zero waste, and they rely on complex backend systems to manage to that goal.

As a 24/7 operation dependent on the whim of commodity markets, SWS relies on the agility of their systems. Managing mobile apps on their infrastructure was a particular challenge for SWS, as performance issues in apps cascaded into delays throughout their environment.


nick.casagrande, IT Director for SWS, uses VMTurbo for Virtualization Management to ensure the quickest return of information to their employees. VMTurbo provides Casagrande’s staff a single-pane-of-glass view into all their operations from VDI to hypervisors for a complete, holistic picture of their environment to assure application and VM performance while maximizing utilization.


Watch the video to see how Southern Waste Systems leverages VMTurbo to deliver results.

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