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VMTurbo customer and Green Circle Founder ddarden joined us at the VMworld booth to talk about why he chose VMTurbo over vCOps and how they saved $200K last year with VMTurbo:


Watch VMTurbo Customer and Green Circle Founder nick.casagrande of Southern Waste Systems pitch VMTurbo at our VMworld 2014 Booth!



If you pitched VMTurbo, how would you do it? Visit the About the GC for details on our Customer Pitch-Off.

VMTurbo customer and Green Circle Founder bruce.jamieson of A&W Food Services of Canada Inc joined us at VMworld to discuss how they're kept their environment all green for the last two years with VMTurbo:


Check out what he had to say:

VMTurbo - How We Do It

Posted by corey.field Expert Sep 23, 2014

Rather than use IT Ops traditional command-and-control approach, VMTurbo teaches your VMs and other data center entities the basic rules of economics -- supply and demand, really -- and then, just like the good old American economy, let the VMs work it out for themselves.


VMTurbo - What We Do

Posted by corey.field Expert Sep 23, 2014

VMTurbo provides the only software-defined control system for businesses running mission-critical applications on virtualized or cloud infrastructures. The Company applies proven economic principles to deliver a control system that continuously ensures performance while maximizing utilization to transform IT operations to scale to the complexities and dynamics of a software-defined world. Deploying VMTurbo contributes to IT staff productivity savings of up to 20 percent and improvements in resource utilization of 20 to 40 percent -- which converts to significant operational and capital expenditure benefits. Research found that 89 percent of VMTurbo customers surveyed realized value within three months of deploying VMTurbo and more than 60 percent of VMTurbo customers surveyed achieved impactful ROI within three weeks of deploying the platform.


In this video segment from our customer webinar with NII Holdings, VMTurbo customer Larry Rouse showed the audience how VMTurbo helped NII optimize their environment and reduce their AWS footprint - saving NII over $160,000 in the process:



The Full webinar recording can be found here in the customer section.

In this video segment from our customer webinar with NII Holdings, VMTurbo customer Larry Rouse showed the audience how VMTurbo helped NII optimize their environment and protect operations – more than traditional monitoring:



The Full webinar recording can be found here in the customer section.

William Souder, VP of Engineering and Online Operations at GNAX, shares details regarding his experiences using VMTurbo Operations Manager.  GNAX uses VMTurbo to control its Infrastructure-as-a-Service environment to ensure service delivery to its subscribers while maximizing its infrastructure investments.



Watch the video and learn how GNAX is leveraging VMTurbo for success...

Southern Waste Systems (SWS) is the largest recycler of construction debris in the Southeast US, specializing in the collection and processing of commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential waste. Through ongoing R&D and process upgrades, they are the industry leader in the collection and recycling of yard waste, bulk residential waste and construction and demolition materials. VMTurbo helps them with virtualization management for their 24/7/365 environment. As their Director of IT says, “There’s no one else that does what VMTurbo does”:



Their system manages waste throughout the supply cycle from pickup to processing the materials for recycling and reuse to managing the sale of those materials on the commodity market to maximize the price they command. Their goal is zero waste, and they rely on complex backend systems to manage to that goal.

As a 24/7 operation dependent on the whim of commodity markets, SWS relies on the agility of their systems. Managing mobile apps on their infrastructure was a particular challenge for SWS, as performance issues in apps cascaded into delays throughout their environment.


nick.casagrande, IT Director for SWS, uses VMTurbo for Virtualization Management to ensure the quickest return of information to their employees. VMTurbo provides Casagrande’s staff a single-pane-of-glass view into all their operations from VDI to hypervisors for a complete, holistic picture of their environment to assure application and VM performance while maximizing utilization.


Watch the video to see how Southern Waste Systems leverages VMTurbo to deliver results.

Please watch our tutorial video to learn more about our community.




VMTurbo Success: Aspirus

Posted by eric.senunas Jun 13, 2014

Aspirus is a non-profit, community-directed health system based in Wausau, Wisconsin. With more than 6,000 employees, Aspirus serves people in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan through an extensive hospital and clinic network, home health & hospice care, pharmacies, critical care, medical goods, nursing homes, a philanthropic & research foundation, and an affiliated physician network.

jesse.kozikowski of Aspirus Information Technology uses VMTurbo Operations Manager for virtualization management, planning and automation.

Hatco Corporation is a Milwaukee Wisconsin-based, employee-owned company that for over 60 years has been a leader in the design, production, and servicing of industrial kitchen appliances. Systems Administrator aaron.bolthouse remotely administers four data centers as well as factories in Wisconsin and China along with corporate headquarters in Milwaukee. Watch the video to see how Hatco leverages VMTurbo to deliver results.



VMTurbo Overview Demo

Posted by eric.senunas Jun 4, 2014

This overview demo of VMTurbo takes you through each of the views (or "tabs") in the VMTurbo interface at a high level:


Are you using Microsoft System Center as your  principal operations dashboard? Now you can integrate it with VMTurbo Operations Manager’s intelligent workload management recommendations to gain a new aspect of operational control that is accessible through a single pane of glass. VMTurbo leverages capabilities in Microsoft System Center to notify you when Operations Manager recommends new control operations and resource allocations.

This video details how VMTurbo Operations Manager decisions can be integrated into your existing Systems Center implementation.


VMTurbo Storage Control

Posted by eric.senunas May 22, 2014

The Storage Control Module extends Operations Manager to provide visibility and control of storage resources. With Storage Control, VMTurbo automatically corrects performance issues that stem from storage-related constraints.