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The VMTurbo Fabric Control Module extends Operations Manager into the converged fabric. Fabric Control connects with Cisco UCS Manager and enables VMTurbo to map end-to-end relationships between virtual workloads, chassis, domains, blade servers, IO modules and fabric interconnects.

VMTurbo enables risk-free V2V migration, as it accurately maps the end-to-end relationships, physical and logical resource utilization and capacity for all hypervisor flavors – including Hyper-V and VMware vSphere and their application services, VMs, hosts and storage in a single unified approach.  VMTurbo also understands resource and capacity demands across hypervisors, and the placement and resource allocation decisions necessary to keep the environment healthy and efficient – throughout the migration and beyond.


This unified approach across hypervisor flavors enables “what-if” planning – including the creation of actionable work plans to understand every possible aspect of migration to Hyper-V, as well as for growth in existing and new applications, guiding accurate infrastructure capacity requirements to assure performance while driving greater efficiency:


VMTurbo approaches capacity planning in a fundamentally different way. It uses efficient market principles to balance the supply and demand in your infrastructure, and applies these principles both now and into the future, producing accurate and actionable plans to ensure current and projected application needs are met without over spending on new hardware.

VMTurbo uses information from your living, breathing VMs and hardware not only to control your environment in a perpetual state of health, but also to simulate the changes you need to plan for, like:

  • Can we support that Exchange project?
  • How much hardware do we need to budget for?
  • Do we scale up or scale out to handle memory congestion?

Learn more in this video:

In this segment from the recent Hyper-V readiness series webinar, VMTurbo’s Jon Reeve showed the audience how VMTurbo can help organizations plan for safe migration of vSphere workloads to Hyper-V, as well as plan for growth in a diverse environment:



VMTurbo - Flexpod Control

Posted by eric.senunas May 21, 2014

What happens when you have VMTurbo ‘inside’ the best of breed converged infrastructure solution?

FlexPods, the integrated reference architecture solutions from NetApp, Cisco plus your favorite hypervisor, are very popular as a reference design with proven characteristics for new workloads. By installing VMTurbo Operations Manager, further value can be extracted, and costs avoided:

  • VMTurbo operations manager drives FlexPod to a healthy, desired state in real time, and in a fully automated fashion. We prevent problems and improve the FlexPod’s operational efficiency and application availability.
  • Hypervisor agnostic with extensions for both NetApp ONTAP 7 /cDOT  & Cisco UCS, we provide visibility throughout the entire FlexPod environment.  VMTurbo is agentless, performs in real-time, and assures persistent quality of service in the form of workload availability.