• Cluster Capacity + Templates

    So, first off what is the Cluster Capacity dashboard?   This dashboard answers the question, “How many VMs can I safely add to a given cluster?” The dashboard shows how much extra capacity your clust...
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  • How to extend existing partitions (manually) (CentOS)

    These instructions are for when you are extending the existing hard disk and NOT adding a new hard disk. Extend hard drive space in your hypervisor (vCenter shown below)   To avoid restarting the VM run the foll...
    Francis Spedafino
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  • NULL POINTER ERROR in vCenter Validation

    Deployed Turbonomics for the first time to evaluate the automation functionality.  The appliance deployed and started without issue.  When adding a vCenter resource, we keep getting an error.   ...
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  • CPU cores possible to include in a report?

    So, I'm currently trying to make a custom report and was wondering can I get the cores alotted to a vm in the report. Also is it possible to retrieve the vm's ip address.   Thanks!
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  • What product are you most interested in learning about during VMworld?

    Comment below for 30 points!
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  • Datastore Placement Policy AND Mounted CD/DVD

    Hi All, vCenter Server 6.5.0 Update 1 Turbonomics 6.1.12   In my lab setup, i tried to create a placement policy to place a virtual machine on a specific datastore with following configuration. Service account...
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  • Automation stops working after upgrading the appliance

    Upgraded to 6.2.4 a few weeks back and noticed that my automated nightly storage moves had stopped working.  Went into my policy and it was still configured correctly.  Had to do the "toggle trick" where you...
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  • Ask a Turbo ACE: Capacity Planning Scenario Help

    Do you need help setting up a particular plan scenario? Explain your scenario here and an ACE can provide tips to help set it up.   Just comment below!   _________   You can also check out this tutor...
    Anson McCook
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  • Dallas TUG

    TUG:   Is there already a TUG created in Dallas, Texas? If not what would it take for me to get one setup here?   Greg Pires Implementation Engineer
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  • vCPU hot add

    We have an internal discussion size a Windows VM. Our policy since we use Turbo is that we build a vm with minimum specs 2 CPU's and 4 GB mem, and enable hot add for both cpu and memory.   There is server reques...
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  • Five Blockchain Product Use Cases

    Since its introduction, blockchain has rapidly outgrown its own original ambitions. The numbers speak for themselves, after initial coin offerings raised massive sums of money for blockchain-based projects in the las...
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  • Hadoop Client Node Configuration

    Accept that there is a Hadoop Cluster that has 20 machines. Out of those 20 machines 18 machines are slaves and machine 19 is for NameNode and machine 20 is for JobTracker. Presently I realize that hadoop programming...
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  • Community Template Space Retired

    If you have gotten here by following a link to the Green Circle Community Templates page, we have retired that section. If you came her looking for a particular answer please search the community to see if an answer a...
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  • Top 3 podcasts I listen to are ______

    Fill in the blanks:   Top 3 podcasts I listen to are (1) ________ (2) ________ (3) ________   Help out your fellow IT professionals and share your favorite resources for learning while you're on the go. An...
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  • vmware - script automatic backups

    I run VMWare Workstation 6.5 on WinXP. How can I script a way to automatically clone my VM images? I've read about the "vmware-cmd" tool but believe that is only available with VMWare ESX, not Workstation.
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  • Scripting: API call to create template?

    Hello, anybody can point me to example of script that will be able to create a template in Turbonomic? 
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  • Train Data & Test Data in Data science

     am relatively new Data science in python and was exploring some competition on data science, i am getting confused with "Training data Set" and "Test Data Set" . Some projects have merged both and some they have...
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  • Latest Release Notes

    **Updated January 16, 2018**   6.0.4 is now available for update via offline update in addition to update 4 for the 5.9 build. Thinking of updating? Release note can be found here:   6.0.4: https://tu...
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  • Unable to deploy VM with present date

    Hi, working on Latest version of Turbonomic 6.0.3 . Able to deploy VM with future date  as reservation date ; but unable to deploy VM with present date . Catalina logs are attached here. 
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  • Not Receiving VHM License Via Email

    Hello, how long does it normally take to receive your license file for VHM? I filled in the form to receive the license yesterday and again today, but I haven't received anything.   Thanks in advance
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