• Qt Creator - Writing a custom debugging helper for nlohmann:basic_json

    I am faced with the task of writing a simple debug helper for Qt Creator 4.13.1 / Qt 5.12.5 / MSVC 2017 compiler for the C++ JSON implementation nlohmann::basic_json (https://github.com/nlohmann/json). An ob...
    created by jainsaniya
  • Is there a way to limit character length using openpyxl?

    Is there a way to restrict the maximum number of characters in a column using openpyxl? I know I could open excel and set the character length limit through data validation, but I would like to find a way to maybe pla...
    created by jainsaniya
  • how to upgrade lic from CLI

    Recently we renewed the lic for one of the deployments.Soon after that i cannot login to the Web Console
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  • Hide Azure cost estimates

    When producing reports, is there a way to hide the fields that show potential savings?
    created by pjust@delcor.com
  • How to import package in bash without ModuleNotFoundError

    I had an error 'ModuleNotFoundError' when I run python file in .sh file. First this is directory structure. - my_project/--- common_lib/----- __init__.py----- my_module.py--- dir_1/----- test.py----- test.shAnd this i...
    created by jainsaniya
  • CPU % Ready alerts

    I want to know if there is a way to set up alerts/notifications for CPU % Ready on a VM.
    created by bwright
  • Have a couple of Azure VMs coming up as Validation Failed

    Hi,   The majority of the VMs aren't showing up with any issues, but 6 of the are returning as Validation Failed.  Any suggestions on what could be causing this, or where I can look to identify the problem...
    created by rci
  • List Azure reserved instances

    Hi, I'm looking for an API call giving me the list of Azure reserved instances. Regards, Michel
  • Have a user with Observer role . required to view my created plans under administrator, can the advisor role work ?

    Will the advisor role view new plans (and contents)  created by the administrator Can the advisor re-run the plan created by the administrator ?
    created by epvm
  • Is it possible to project changes to ready queue time using Plan tool?

    As part of an evaluation of cloud DR providers, We are trying to determine the impacts to performance in one of our on-prem VMware clusters (like ready queue time) resulting from increasing CPU overprovisioning from o...
    created by stephen.wenzel
  • Scale down recommendations

    So I am looking at trying to reduce my scale down options that are presented to me in Turbo and looking on how to set up these policies.   1. Omit scale down recommendations of vms that are at 4GB ...
    last modified by jj.cihlar
  • Exclude Pending Actions?

    Is it possible to exclude some “pending actions” from the Supply Chain, at the main view? Like all “Provision Host similar …”   Make them, or some of them excluded from the Pendi...
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  • ServiceNow Integration

    Hello All, servicenow I am trying to integrate ServiceNow with Cisco Workload optimization manager but hitting an error. The error is not very accurate and error is related to IP, username and password and the targe...
    created by samfaslog
  • Unexpected Shutdown Message after Scaling Action

    How do I allow a soft shutdown when accepting an action on a Windows AWS EC2 Instance?  I accepted some pending actions, and after the scaling action took place I logged back into the OS to find the dreaded "Unex...
    created by randy.riggins
  • What does DrsSegmentationCommodity congestion mean

    I'd like to understand 'DrsSegmentationCommodity congestion" better.  Does this mean the vMotion network is clogged up?  How can I resolve this?
    created by bwright
  • Is anyone using Turbonomic placement polices to lock 2008 guests to specific hosts?

    Is anyone using Turbonomic placement polices to lock 2008 guests to specific hosts? If so how well does it work. Any issues around doing this?
  • Capacity Planner functionality

    I need to generate a dashboard and report for cluster capacity.  Specifically, management wants to know how much headroom VMs is left in our various clusters.  I was informed that the Cluster Capacity dashbo...
    last modified by tom.geyer
  • Is Microsoft's patch in March going to affect LDAP and external groups in Turbonomic

    In March Microsoft is releasing an LDAP update, that may affect Turbonomic external users and groups.  Is there going to be a Turbonomic patch to make things compatible?   https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/...
    created by bwright
  • GET by name instead of uuid in 6.4 REST API

    Is it possible to get things by name in the 6.4 REST API instead of uuid?
  • Offline availability - turbonomic

    Hi,   Can Turbonomic fully function without storing the data in the cloud, albeit without any online access to turbonomic portal etc.? Also does it work ok with physical machines? I have specific requirement fo...
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