• Least privilege access for Turbonomic to target VMware Horizon

    There are 2 types of Horizon user roles that can be assigned to a service account that is used to add the Horizon target in Turbonomic. 1. Discovery only mode For this the least privilege access that is required to d...
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  • How to add Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) Account to Turbonomic

    Overview This article covers the process of adding Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) account to Turbonomic v6.4 and higher.   Adding Microsoft EA account to Turbonomic allows it to connect to your EA Azur...
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  • Turbo Tip: Adding Nutanix Targets

    5.3 introduces support for Nutanix  platforms where the Operations Manager supply chain treats the Nutanix Storage Pool as a disk array. In addition, Operations Manager discovers the hypervisors running on the Nu...
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  • Have a couple of Azure VMs coming up as Validation Failed

    Hi,   The majority of the VMs aren't showing up with any issues, but 6 of the are returning as Validation Failed.  Any suggestions on what could be causing this, or where I can look to identify the problem...
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  • How many ESXi Host have you in Cluster?

    How many ESXi Host have you in Cluster?
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  • What is the Best US City to host Large Conferences?

    Throughout the US there are numerous big cities that can host larger conferences. Which city is the best to attend these events? Think the big picture in terms of location, climate, event space, etc. Comment with some...
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  • The Conundrum of Community Content and Warnock's Dilemma

    Recently I happened to see something rolling through my Twitter timeline about something that is known as Warnock's Dilemma.  This brings up some very interesting thoughts on how to better measure the effectivene...
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  • List Azure reserved instances

    Hi, I'm looking for an API call giving me the list of Azure reserved instances. Regards, Michel
  • ACE Remote Training -- Session 3

    Attached are the following documents to enhance your learning from Turbonomic/CWOM ACE Remote training:   Remote ACE Agenda Lab Exercises Planning Administration
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  • Install Turbonomic on RedHat 7.x (CentOS)

    For a comprehensive install guide please refer to the official documentation starting on page 52 of the Installation Guide:   https://docs.turbonomic.com/pdfdocs/Turbonomic_INSTALL_PRINT_6.4.6.pdf   ...
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  • Have a user with Observer role . required to view my created plans under administrator, can the advisor role work ?

    Will the advisor role view new plans (and contents)  created by the administrator Can the advisor re-run the plan created by the administrator ?
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  • Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]

    **Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes the "Public Cloud" feature. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softlayer with your current license please reach out to sales@turbonomi...
    Anson McCook
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  • New Chances to Become Turbonomic-Certified

      To assure Application Resource Management and business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Turbonomic is offering the following remote courses free of charge:   ACE Remote (without tests/certificatio...
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  • Is it possible to project changes to ready queue time using Plan tool?

    As part of an evaluation of cloud DR providers, We are trying to determine the impacts to performance in one of our on-prem VMware clusters (like ready queue time) resulting from increasing CPU overprovisioning from o...
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  • Turbonomic SaaS IAM Role Setup

    With the release of our new Turbonomic SaaS offering we've modified the steps to target AWS accounts using IAM Roles. Below is a summary as well as step by step instructions. The Identity Provider ...
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  • Cloud Control: AWS Target Setup

    **This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here] . Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes the "Public Cloud" feature. If you are not able to...
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  • Automating Stop and Start AWS and Azure VMs on a Schedule in 6.4

    With our latest release we’ve improved the scheduling functionality in Turbonomic making it much easier to set a schedule for suspending and starting VMs in AWS and Azure.   Below is an example of how to ...
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  • Application Discovery Setup for Windows (Versions 6.1+) and Troubleshooting

    This document covers how to setup Application Discovery for Windows guests. Starting in version 6.1.0, Turbonomic uses WinRM to collect guest-OS and application metrics. For versions prior to 6.1.0, please see: A...
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  • Scale down recommendations

    So I am looking at trying to reduce my scale down options that are presented to me in Turbo and looking on how to set up these policies.   1. Omit scale down recommendations of vms that are at 4GB ...
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  • Setting up CloudWatch Memory Metrics on Windows Instances on AWS

    Turbonomic leverages MemoryUsed reported into CloudWatch. This document covers configuring the AWS CloudWatch agent to capture Windows EC2 MemoryUsed stats in Turbonomic by leveraging AWS Systems M...
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