• AngularJS Expressions vs. JavaScript Expressions

    AngularJS expressions are like JavaScript expressions with the following differences: Context: JavaScript expressions are evaluated against the global window. In AngularJS, expressions are evaluated against...
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  • Ruby on Rails What it's Who can Learn, Pre-requisites and Why to learn

    Ruby on Rails is open source software, so not only is it free to use, you can also help make it better. More than 5,000 people already have contributed code to Rails. It’s easier than you think to beco...
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  • Tips for adding AddDynamics Target

    Overview In order to add AppDynamics Target there are few requirements (for more details, please review the latest Target Configuration guide): AppD Target name (DNS) - you must ensure the name resolves on the Turbon...
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  • Displaying AWS Spend In Turbonomic

    Turbonomic provides a complete picture of your environment. For those with AWS Targets, this includes spend amounts, which populate the Expenses -> Cost Breakdown views as seen in the "Cloud" tab. In order to displ...
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  • How to extend existing partitions (manually) (CentOS)

    These instructions are for when you are extending the existing hard disk and NOT adding a new hard disk. Extend hard drive space in your hypervisor (vCenter shown below)   To avoid restarting the VM run the foll...
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  • Configure turbonomic to support 200 plus targets

    Objective Turbonomic has been supporting over 20K entities in environment but with few number of targets. This article talks about when number of target is at large scale eg 600 and total number of entities ...
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  • Trail Licence

    Dears,    I tried to register for trail licence , but I think there is something goes wrong with the registration process so, please give me a hand to get licence for trail version ASAP    ...
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  • How to add Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) Account to Turbonomic

    Overview This article covers the process of adding Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) account to Turbonomic v6.4 and higher.   Adding Microsoft EA account to Turbonomic allows it to connect to your EA Azur...
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  • Turbo Tip: How to Group Cloud VMs/Instances that do not have tags assigned

    Overview This article covers the process of creating a dynamic VM group of cloud VMs without any tags assigned.   Grouping VMs without any tags can be used to help and ensure tagging compliance within an organiz...
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  • Does anyone integrate Right-Size actions with Microsoft SCCM?

    We are looking into implementing right-sizing actions and wonder if anyone has done an integration with Microsoft SCCM. We have internally been discussing some of the options that would be available but if someone has...
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  • How to interpret SQL Server recommendations in Turbonomic

    I get the recommendation to size memory up or down, but can you provide some guidance on how to respond to recommendations to scale up or down connections or increase the transaction log. Each database has a transacti...
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  • CWOM Technical Resources (Public)

    Technical Collateral & Field Info CWOM Integration Information Demo Resources Register for a Cisco Account ** Setup/Register/Associate your CCO ID, for free access to cisco.com resources, such as Sa...
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  • What Is AWS Cloud9?

    The AWS Cloud9 IDE offers a rich code-editing experience with support for several programming languages and runtime debuggers, as well as a built-in terminal. It contains a collection of tools that you use to code, bu...
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  • NULL POINTER ERROR in vCenter Validation

    Deployed Turbonomics for the first time to evaluate the automation functionality.  The appliance deployed and started without issue.  When adding a vCenter resource, we keep getting an error.   ...
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  • Turbonomic EULA (2019)

    Attached to this post is a PDF of our current EULA. If you wish to propose specific changes in the process of finalizing your agreement with VMTurbo, please request an editable version from Steve.Rajcula@turbonomic.co...
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  • Setting up CloudWatch Memory Metrics on Windows Instances on AWS

    Turbonomic leverages MemoryUsed reported into CloudWatch. This document covers configuring the AWS CloudWatch agent to capture Windows EC2 MemoryUsed stats in Turbonomic by leveraging AWS Systems M...
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  • Automating Instance Stop and Start in AWS or Azure

    Turbonomic can automatically suspend unused virtual machines in an AWS or Azure environment. This can significantly reduce monthly bills and eliminate the need to chase down development teams to clean u...
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  • Automating Stop and Start AWS and Azure VMs on a Schedule in 6.4

    With our latest release we’ve improved the scheduling functionality in Turbonomic making it much easier to set a schedule for suspending and starting VMs in AWS and Azure.   Below is an example of how to ...
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  • CPU cores possible to include in a report?

    So, I'm currently trying to make a custom report and was wondering can I get the cores alotted to a vm in the report. Also is it possible to retrieve the vm's ip address.   Thanks!
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  • vCenter discovery errors. Basic troubleshooting.

    Even if a vCenter target has successfully validated there may be issues that later cause discovery of the environment to fail.    If there is a discovery failure for a vCenter target notifications should be...
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