How To Configure Custom Reports To Show Only Certain Day/Times

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In some cases you may only be interested in viewing reports that are for specific time frames (E.g. 6AM-6PM).  VMTurbo Custom Reports allow you to achieve this.


To start, login to VMTurbo and Open the Reports link.  Next Select the Custom Reports Tab.  From here we can use an existing report in the list, or click Add New.  In this example we’re Adding New and will use Virtual Machine hourly utilization summary report for our example.


Locate the report you want to Add, and Click ‘Select’ the Edit Custom Report page opens.




Under Available Fields Select the arrow icon à to select the fields you would like to be queried (Query Fields).  In this example I selected hour_number and recorded_on.




Now I want to modify the Field Conditions so that the data reported on is only for last week, and 6AM-6PM




To achieve the ‘and’ for both of these Conditions (recorded_on and hour_number_ I had to select the Green + icon twice.  E.g. For recorded_on, I selected the + to Add a new Condition, and then selected recorded_on from the Field Name, Operation = greater than or equal, and next I just typed in 2012-02-13 (YYYY-MM-DD format), and then clicked Add.


date_range_rpt4.jpg date_range_rpt5.jpg


To get the less than or equal to in the same Condition Line I again select the green + and enter in the same recorded_on Field Name, but this time I use less than or equal and enter in the last day of the week I am interested in reporting on; 2012-02-17.  I again click Add:


date_range_rpt6.jpg date_range_rpt7.jpg


As you can see from the image above, recorded_on now is limited to a one week period (February 13-17, 2012), but what about time limiting?  See below.




In the above image, I’ve clicked the Green + to add a new Condition.  I then selected hour_number, greater than or equal, and entered 6 (for 6AM).  Now I will Add and setup the range:




Here I have entered 18 for 6PM, as this is all based on a 24-hour clock.  Once I click Add, hour_number will be 6AM-6PM only.




Now lets look at the whole thing:




By setting up Conditions in this way, we have a report that will only display data for the week of Feb 13, 2012 from 6AM-6PM.

Happy Custom Reporting!

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