Turbonomic AD Server Configuration

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Turbonomic (VMTurbo) AD Server Configuration


1) Navigate to the Admin Tab > Workflows > User Configuration.


2) Under the "Active Directory Settings," enter your AD domain. For example, sedemo.vmturbo.com

By default you can leave the "Active Directory Server" field blank unless you need to specific a specific server.


3) Adding AD Groups

To grant access to a specific AD Group you will want to select the “Group” radio button under “User/Group Administration.” Then type the group name of the group you want to add and grant the specific role the group will have.

Some things to note:

      • The group name is CASE sensitive
      • Currently, nested security groups are not supported
      • You do not need to qualify the group name, meaning you can just type “Domain Admins” instead of “sedemo\Domain Admins”.


In my example below, I've added the AD Domain, and then added a group titled "VMT Admins." Since the users in this group are Administrators, I set the Group Type to "Dedicated", set the Group Role to "Administrator", and did not define a scope (meaning, these users can see all parts of the environment).


4) Adding AD Users:

To add a specific user based on their AD credentials, select the "User" radio button and then click the "Add" button.

For “Authentication”, select “Active Directory” and qualify their name (domain/username).

Define their Type, Role, and Scope.


For example, I will add user sedemo\training1, and make them a "Dedicated" "Advisor" with no scope set.


5) Log out of the appliance and log back in with AD credentials.

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