3Par Configuration for Turbonomic

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In order to communicate to HP 3Par You will need to connect to the host name or IP address of the SMI-S Provider that supports the 3Par device (same as management IP). Turbonomic should now be able to connect to the 3Par device to discover all relative inventory components. Discovery may take up to 10 minutes to complete.


The SMI-S provider must be turned on (disabled by default) in order to communicate with Turbonomic. If the SMI-S provider has been disabled you can use the following instructions to enable.


Steps to enable SMI-S provider

  • Login to HP 3PAR Command Line Interface (CLI) using SSH.
  • Enter the IP Address of HP 3PAR Storage Array, Username and Password (Default Credentials: 3paradm / 3pardata).
  • Execute startcim command at the CLI to enable the SMI-S provider.
  • Execute showcim, to know the current status of the SMI-S Provider.
  • To restart the SMI-S Provider,
    • Execute "stopcim –f –x"
    • Then execute "startcim"
  • Turbonomic expects default ports 5988 (HTTP) or 5989 (HTTPS) to be used


Once the SMI-S provider has been enabled. The following steps can be taken in Turbonomic.

  • Login to the Turbonomic User Interface
  • Navigate to the Admin Tab, Target Configuration
  • Select add and specify a 3Par target, input the appropriate IP, username, and password
  • After adding the target select rediscover
  • It may take up to 10 minutes for Turbonomic to fully import
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