Running Plans

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Running Plans


Plans are an excellent way to compare hypothetical conditions against the current conditions of your environment. There are a number of ways you can set up a plan (see Plan Setup). This section describes how to run plans, no matter what changes you have made in the plan setup.


By default, a plan incorporates all the constraints (cluster, storage, and network) and workload placement policies that are in effect in your environment. You can run a plan in two modes with respect to these constraints:


Respect Constraints:

The plan incorporates all the constraints. For example, in this mode the plan will not give resources from one cluster to a VM that is constrained to another cluster.


Disable Constraints:

The plan disables all the constraints before running. For example, in this mode the plan results can include:

  • Moving VMs to hardware that is in a different cluster
  • Moving VMs to hardware that uses different storage
  • Changes that cross datacenter boundaries
  • Changes that violate enabled workload placement policies


To run a plan:

  1. Decide whether you want to load a saved plan to run, or create a new plan.Remember that a plan is a snapshot of your environment stored in memory as a static market. Before you begin setup, you should always start with a new plan. When you clear a currently loaded plan, Operations Manager gives you the option to save it or delete it.
    • Start New Plan with the Plan WizardTo start a new plan, click the New Plan icon (image). This clears the current plan, and then opens the Plan wizard. Use the wizard to set up your new plan. Note that you can always make changes after you finish with the wizard.
    • Clear the current plan, and set new parametersTo clear a plan that’s in memory, set a new scope in the Plan view (see Setting Plan Scope). Changing plan scope always clears the current plan and begins with a new snapshot of the market.image
    • Load a Saved PlanTo load a saved plan, click the Load Saved Plan icon (image) and choose the plan you want. When you load and run a saved plan, it starts from the current date, based on the current state of your environment.


2.  Make any special settings you need for the type of plan you want to run.For more information, see Plan Setup.

3.  Run the planRun the plan, either with or without constraints.imageimageNote that you can always Stop a running plan if necessary.

     After running a plan, you can review the results according to the type of plan you have run.


Running a Plan on the Current Environment