Setting Plan Scope

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Setting Plan Scope

Plan scope determines which devices in the environment will be included in the plan. For example, if you scope the plan to your Development cluster, the current environment for your plan would only include PMs in the Development cluster, the VMs hosted by those machines, and datastores that support those machines. Likewise, the target results would only correspond to those machines.

Note that you can only set scope to a new plan. If you have a defined plan resident in memory, setting scope opens the Save Plan dialog box where you can choose to cancel, save the current plan, or discard the current plan before you start the new plan. Changing scope requires that you start a new plan after:

  • You have opened a saved plan
  • You have run a plan
  • You have made any changes in Plan Setup

The plan determines scope differently, depending on the type of entity you base it on:

  • Scope by VMLimits the plan to the physical hosts that those VMs are able to run on. Likewise, the plan includes all the datastores that are available to the VMs in your scope.
  • Scope by PMLimits the plan to those physical hosts. For datastores, Operations Manager identifies all the VMs that can run on the hosts in your scope, and identifies all the datastores that are available for those VMs.
  • Scope by StorageThe plan includes the VMs that can run on those datastores, and the physical hosts that those VMs are able to run on.
  • Scope by Provider Virtual DatacenterLimits the plan to the VMs on the virtual datacenters — For those VMs, the scope operates similarly to scope by VM.

NOTE: When setting scope for a plan, you can choose multiple groups. However, you should be sure to choose groups of the same type. For example, you should not scope by PM and VM groups for the same plan.

Edit the plan’s scope in the Configure panel. This opens the Define Plan Scope dialog box.


Ctrl-click to select multiple items in the list. Click OK to set the scope to the current plan. You can see the scope for the current plan in the Configure panel.


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