Specifying the Plan Resources

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Specifying the Plan Resources

The plan workload is determined by the set of VMs that are deployed in your environment, compared to the PMs and datastores that provide resources to them. In other words, plan workload is determined by the plan’s supply and demand.


The more VMs you have for a given number of PMs and datastores, the greater the load will be on these physical devices. With a plan you can add or remove VMs to change the demand. You can also add or remove PMs and datastores to change the supply. Then you can run the plan to see what the results would be.


For example, you can define a plan that adds VMs to the same set of PMs and datastores. Or you can upgrade your physical hosts so they have more CPU or memory resources, and see how that would affect the way your environment supports the current crop of VMs.

To set the plan’s workload, modify the plan’s Demand or Supply. For more information, see:




Creating Templates