How to Add Photos to Your Green Circle Community Profile

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Profile Pictures are displayed when someone clicks on your profile or hovers over your name in a post. You can upload up to 10 and designate one as the primary (the one that shows up on hover). This is a great way to show your personality in the community and to further connect with other members. {Please note that adding a profile picture is not the same as adding an avatar - however, you will be asked if you want to make an uploaded photo your new avatar - see step 6 below or How to Add an Avatar to Your Green Circle Community Profile if you want to simply create an avatar}


Step 1: Log into Green Circle Community and click on your avatar in the main navigation


GC 1.png


Step 2: Click Edit Profile


GC 2.png


Step 3: Scroll down to the Profile Photos section and click add photo in one of the 10 spots.


profile pic screen.PNG


Step 4: Choose a file from your computer to upload and then click upload and continue


profile photo upload screen.PNG

Step 5: You will see a preview of what you uploaded and be asked if you want to Crop or Upload a Different Photo. To Crop, simply drag the rectangle around what you want to display. The preview of your cropped photo shows in the large thumbnail to the right. When you have it right, select Crop Photo.

crop photo screen.PNG


Step 6: You will be given the option to Update your Avatar using this photo if you want - simply hit Yes in the box on the right. Then either hit Finish if the photo is cropped as you want or Crop your photo again if you want to redo it.


photo avatar screen.PNG


Congratulations! You have uploaded a photo (and maybe changed your avatar at the same time)!

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