Content type - What is the difference between Discussion, Blog Post & Document?

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A question came up recently about some of the types of posts in the Community and what to use for different purposes.


Simple rules of thumb:

  • Discussion: a question you want to get the community to respond to - these have features that enable getting and rating responses
  • Blog Post: a comment or point of view you want to propose for comment or reaction, or just thinking out loud
  • Document: information that may be more permanent - or reference


DocumentBlog PostDiscussion
PurposeCollaborate with others on a single document; capture information that should be available for a while; create a report, agenda, or meeting notes. See Getting more out of documents.Express a point of view; call something to others' attention; make a proposal to get feedback from others; ponder an idea. See Getting more out of blogs.Ask the community a question; ask for suggestions; make a short observation or assertion to get feedback; report a problem. See Getting more out of discussions and questions.
FormatMost of the content is in the document itself; comments by readers and authors are appended.Most of the content is usually in the initial post, with reader comments appended.Most of the content is in the form of replies to the initial question.
StyleSomewhat formal, often in the third person.Informal, usually in the first person.Informal, usually in the first person.
Stream UpdatesWhenever the document is edited (and "minor update" isn't selected), and whenever comments are added.Whenever comments are added. Edits to a blog don't trigger an update.Whenever replies are added, and whenever an answer is marked as Correct or Helpful.


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