Enable/Disable WinRM on remote hosts

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WSMan and has replaced WMI for Hyper-v and Microsoft APM configurations in VMTurbo 5.4 and above. WSMan will need to be enabled in order to use VMTurbo on Hyper-v before upgrading from previous versions.


  1. Download PsTools from Microsoft Technet. Extract PsExec from the archive.
  2. Create a file containing the list of hosts that you want to enable/disable WinRm. (one host per line)
  3. Download the two .BAT files attached to this wiki.
  4. Use PsExec.exe to enable/disable WinRM on remote hosts.
    1. To enable: .\PsExec.exe @$HOST_FILE_PATH -u $USERNAME -p $PASSWORD -c enable_winrm.bat
    2. To disable:  .\PsExec.exe @$HOST_FILE_PATH -u $USERNAME -p $PASSWORD -c disable_winrm.bat
  5. if you get a error message on elevated user, add the -h option to PsExec.exe:  .\PsExec.exe -h


1. Download and extract PsExec from PsTools.


2. Download the attached *.bat files

They are linked at the bottom of this wiki page.


3. Create a text file containing the hosts.


hosts file







4. Inside PowerShell, use PsExec to enable or disable WinRM on remote hosts.


Enable WinRM



.\PsExec.exe @C:\Users\marco.yuen\hosts.txt -u corp\marco.yuen -p XXXX -c C:\Users\marco.yuen\enable_winrm.bat



Disable WinRM



.\PsExec.exe @C:\Users\marco.yuen\hosts.txt -u corp\marco.yuen -p XXXX -c C:\Users\marco.yuen\disable_winrm.bat