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GC On-Demand is about technology, business, community and every layer of the stack. We feature guests from all around the technology ecosystem with the goal of bringing our audience views and thoughts across the spectrum.  Bringing great conversations to the podcast is how we aim to differentiate ourselves to bring the great voices of the community to you!  Thank you, and we hope that you enjoy the show. 


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EpisodeGuestsShow Link
54Eric WrightEp. 54 - On Mentoring, with Eric Wright (@DiscoPosse) 
53Rene Van Den BedemEp. 53 - VMworld 2017 US Announcements Recap with Rene Van Den Bedem (@vcdx133) 
52Melissa PalmerGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 52 - The Journey to becoming an IT Architect with @vmiss33 
51Rob HirschfeldGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 51 - The Death of Configuration Management with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle) 
50Rob HirschfeldGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 50 - SRE Revisited plus the Challenges of Ops and more with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicl… 
49Madhura MaskaskyGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 49 - Open Source Enterprise Solutions as-a-Service with @madhuramaskasky of @platfo… 
48Eric WrightGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 48 - Bad Travel, 10X performers, and the Technology Domestique 
47Randy ShoupGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 47 - DevOps, Microservices, Processes, and People with Randy Shoup (@RandyShoup) Pa… 
46Randy ShoupGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 46 - DevOps, Microservices, Tools and Processes with Randy Shoup (@RandyShoup) Part… 
45Angelo LucianiGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 45 - Community Building - products, platforms, and challenges with Angelo Luciani (… 
44Patrick MelampyGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 44 - 128 Technology and the SDN Challenge with Patrick Melampy (@pmelampy) 
43Richard ArnoldGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 43 - Re-platforming your blog and lessons in personal brand with Richard Arnold (@d… 
42Rob HirschfeldGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 42 - Spiraling Ops Debt, SRE Solutions and @RackN chat with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicl… 
41Rene van den Bedem and Byron SchallerGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 41 - Tools and Strategies for Advanced and Rapid IT Learning with @vcdx133 and @byr…
40Armon DadgarGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 40 - HashiCorp and DevOps Defined with @armon of @HashiCorp
39Mitchell HashimotoGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 39 - HashiCorp and the Value of Composable Infrastructure with @mithchellh of @Hash…
38Eric WrightGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 38 - AWS re:Invent Thoughts and Evolving from Virtualization to Cloud with @DiscoPo…
37Phil EstesGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 37 - All about Containers with Phil Estes (@estesp)
36Craig WatersGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 36 - The rise of the Generalist and Community Skill Building with Craig Waters (@cs…
35Ian EybergGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 35 - Unikernels: The what, why, and when chat with Ian Eyberg of @deferpanic
34Brian GracelyGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 34 - Containers, IT Evolution and more with Brian Gracely (@bgracely)
33Shamail TahirGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 33 - @OpenStack Newton, AUC, and Community with Shamail Tahir (@ShamailXD)
32Edward HaletkyGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 32 - Wordpress rebranding, plugins, and security with Edward Haletky (@texiwill) Pa…
31Edward HaletkyGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 31 - @TVPStrategy rebrand, and more with Edward Haletky (@texiwill) Part 1 of 2
30Mark CollierGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 30 - @OpenStack, Community, and more with Mark Collier (@SparkyCollier)
29David SilesGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 29 - DataGravity, Data Security and @vBrisket VMworld Events with David Siles (@dsi…
28Jill JubinskiGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 28 - Talent Sourcing for Today’s High Tech Roles, Community Style with Jill Jubinsk…
27Jono BaconGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 27 - The Art and Challenges of Community Building with @JonoBacon
26David DavisGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 26 - The Art of Learning with David Davis (@davidmdavis)
25Michael HausenblasGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 25 - Mesosphere DCOS and Open Source Innovation with Michael Hausenblas (@mhausenbl…
24Amit PanchalGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 24 - HCI, Learning, and Community Goodness with Amit Panchal (@amitpanchal76)
23Justin ParisiGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 23 - NetApp ONTAP 9, Community and Blogging with Justin Parisi (@NFSDudeAbides)
22Angelo LucianiGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 22 - An Open Letter to IT Community Organizers and Vendors featuring Angelo Luciani…
21Rene Van Den BedemGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 21 - Thinking like an Architect and Mentoring Community with Rene Van Den Bedem (@v…
20Ken HuiGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 20 - OpenStack Ecosystem and Summit Catch Up with Ken Hui (@kenhuiny) of @Rackspace

19Rob HirschfeldGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 19 - OpenStack Interop, RackN and more with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle)

18Ben NyeGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 18 - The Importance of Company Culture and Building Trust with Ben Nye

17Matthew BrenderGC On-Demand » Blog Archive » Ep. 17 - Developer Advocacy with Matthew Brender (@mjbrender)

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10Andi Mann (Part 2 of 2)GC On-Demand Ep. 10 - Talking DevOps, Transformative Thinking, and much more with @AndiMann! Part 2 of 2
9Andi Mann (Part 1 of 2)GC On-Demand Ep. 9 - Talking DevOps, Transformative Thinking, and much more with @AndiMann! Part 1 of 2
8Andi Grabner and Brett HoferGC On-Demand Ep. 8 - Talking DevOps and Code Quality with @GrabnerAndi and @brett_solarch
7Amy ManleyGC On-Demand Ep. 7 - Chargeback with Amy Manley (@wyrdgirl)
6Jonathan FrappierGC On-Demand Ep. 6 - Automation and Ansible with Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier)
5Alex PolviGC On-Demand - Ep. 5 - Open Source goodness and All Things CoreOS with Alex Polvi (@polvi)
4Chris WahlGC On-Demand - Ep. 4 - Tech Evangelism, Corporate and Personal with Chris Wahl (@ChrisWahl)
3Dwayne LessnerGC On-Demand - Ep. 3 - Blogging, Community, and Intrapraneur skills Dwayne Lessner (@dlink7)
2James GreenGC On-Demand - Ep. 2 - Community and Growing Outside your Comfort Zone with James Green (@jdgreen)
1Rob NelsonGC On-Demand - Ep. 1 - Automation with Rob Nelson (@rnelson0)



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