Turbo Tip: How to Duplicate Custom Dashboards

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To duplicate a dashboard in VMTurbo all you need to do is download the script attached to this article and then follow the simple steps below to copy the dashboard you want multiple times.


In this example, I have uploaded the script to /tmp/CustomScripts directory in VMTurbo.


Step 1: Running the script

    1. Upload the script you downloaded to your VMTurbo instance using an SFTP program (FileZilla, WinSCP, etc). Default credentials are root/vmturbo
    2. In an SSH session, go into the directory where you uploaded the script to
    3. Run the script:

python VMT_Dashboard_Duplicate.pyc


Step 2: Select the user account – The script will detect the users that have a custom dashboard already. If the user does not have a custom dashboard it will not show the user account since there is no dashboard to duplicate. Enter the corresponding number for the User's account.




Step 3: Select Dashboard The script will now display the current custom dashboards available to the selected user. So in this step, you will want to select the corresponding number for the dashboard you wish to duplicate.



Step 4: Select number of copies – This step allows you to duplicate the dashboard multiple times. All you need to do is enter the number of times you would like this dashboard duplicated.



Step 5: Enter the name for the dashboard Here you are given the option to give a name to each of your duplicated dashboards.


You will need to refresh your Browser before the new dashboard will appear in VMTurbo UI.            




  • 14/03/2016 - Displays dashboards in alphabetical order
  • 10/05/2016 - Alphabetical order wasn't showing in some cases
  • 16/05/2016 - Alphabetical order wasn't considering lower case names

Disclaimer: This script was created by a member of VMTurbo Technical Support Team. VMTurbo does not provide technical support for the use or creation of Custom Scripts.  VMTurbo provides these scripts as a convenience for our customers. Use of these scripts are at your own discretion and you assume all risks by running these queries.  VMTurbo does not guarantee or warrant the use of scripts.  Use proper caution and testing with any script, including those that can be posted by other members of the GC Community and were not tested by VMTurbo.