Target Configuration: Microsoft Exchange

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Please also refer to the Green Circle article:Target Configuration: Application Control Module (ACM) - Setup Glossary


License Requirements

Application Control Module or Application Edition.



• MS-Exchange 2013 server running on Windows 2008R2 or Windows 2012 operating system

• Configure remote management on the Exchange server: Setup for Hyper-V, VMM, Exchange Targets - Enable WinRM Manually with Troubleshooting steps

• Port access: WinRM uses ports 5985 and 5986 for standard and secure communications, respectively. The firewall on the your

VMM server must open these ports.

Adding Microsoft Exchange Server Targets

Once you’ve enabled remote management, you can add your Exchange servers as targets. To add an Exchange Server

target, select the Windows Application > MS Exchange option on the Target Configuration page and provide the following


• Host

The host name of the Exchange server.

Note that you can enter an IP address for the host, but you must first configure an SPN on the host. VMTurbo

recommends that you use the host name in this field.

• Scope (optional)

A cluster or group of VMs that host Exchange servers

If you set target scope, Operations Manager scans each VM within that group or cluster and tries to connect to an

Exchange server over the specified port. Operations Manager adds any servers it finds as targets.

• Port number

For Operations Manager 5.4 or higher: The port number for the remote management connection. The default

HTTP port is 5985; the default HTTPS port is 5986.

• Username

The domain\username of an Active Directory account that Operations Manager can use to connect to the

Exchange server.

For Operations Manager 5.3 or below: The account must also be one of the server’s WBEM Scripting Locator

owners (see Enabling Management via WMI on page 112).

• Password

Password for account used.


Screenshot for 5.3 and below:



Screenshot for 5.4 and above:


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