Use Automation to Configure a Management Certificate for an Azure Target

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To authorise Operations Manager as an agent that can manage your Azure subscription, you must upload a Management Certificate to your subscription, and then copy that certificate to the Operations Manager server and register it with Tomcat.


This document shows how you can use a script to easily configure the Management Certificate.  The script attached to this document does the following:


  • Generates the Certificate file for Azure Portal Management
  • Generates the KeyStore file for Operation Manager
  • Modifies the Tomcat configuration file with the required settings


NOTE: If you want to manually configure the certificate, see the following document: Manually Configure a Management Certificate for an Azure Target


Step 1Download the attached script and upload it to your Operations Manager server.

Use SFTP to upload the script.  In this example, to make it easier I created a folder called Azure in my tmp directory so that my generated certificate will be saved in the Azure folder


Step 2: Execute the script

After uploading the script, SSH into your Operations Manager server with root privileges. Then execute the following command: "python VMT_Azure.pyc"

As the script runs, you will be asked a series of questions that are required to generate the Certificate file and the KeyStore file. The script installs the KeyStore file on Operations Manager, and you will upload the Certificate file to the Azure Management Portal.

After the script finishes running it will show you the Thumbprint. You must make a note of this Thumbprint – you will use it as your password when you add the Azure target in Operations Manager.


Step 3: Upload the Certificate file to your Azure Portal

  • Download the certificate file from the Operations Manager server to your local machine.
    The script output shows that the script saved the certificate file to /tmp/Azure/Azure_VMTurbo.cer on your Operations Manager server.
  • From your local machine, navigate to your Azure Management Portal.
  • Use the portal user interface to upload the certificate file from your local machine.


After you upload the certificate file you will see your Subscription ID and Thumbprint.


Step 4: Adding Azure target to Operation Manager

  • Login into Operation Manager
  • Click on the Admin tab
  • Click on Target Configuration
  • Click on Add
  • Select Cloud Management
  • Select Azure
    • For the address use the one shown on the page
    • For the username use your Azure Subscription ID
    • For the Password use the thumbprint that was shown when you generated the Certificate or obtain the thumbprint from Azure Managment Portal

  • Now click Add and then Apply
  • After the target is validated you will need to click Discover

If you have any problems with validating Azure target, please contact VMTurbo Technical Support.

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