Enable WinRM Manually - Setup for Hyper-V, VMM, Exchange Targets

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Enabling WinRM is required to connect to Hyper-V, VMM, or Exchange targets. To enable WinRM manually on a target, just run the following commands via PowerShell. To enable on multiple targets at once, see the posts below on how to do this via GPO or PsExec.


Set-WSManQuickConfig -Force

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Service\AllowUnencrypted -Value $True


Optional - the following command is only needed for local users:

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Service\Auth\Basic -Value $True



Enable multiple Hyper-V, VMM, Exchange targets via GPO:

WSMan service configuration using domain GPO or for HTTPS WSMan/WinRM over HTTPS service configuration


Enable multiple Hyper-V, VMM, Exchange targets via PsExec:

Enable/Disable WinRM on remote hosts

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