Weekly News Scan: June 17, 2016

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This is a weekly browsing of recent relevant industry news articles, helpful for educating ourselves as well as for sharing with our peers. Please post any thoughts in the comments section!


WIRED: Samsung Snaps Up Joyent, the Best-Kept Secret in Cloud Computing

One of the best-kept secrets in cloud computing has just found a new home. Samsung Electronics announced Wednesday that it will acquire Joyent, a vital but lesser-known player the cloud hosting market—and one with quite a history behind it. Joyent sells hosting services that enable customers to run their software in the cloud, not unlike those offered by Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, and also helps companies build their own cloud-style systems in their own data centers. It has also boasted marquee clients such as Adobe and European telco giant Telefónica. But it’s perhaps best known for incubating a software development platform called Node.js, which is now one of the most popular programming tools on the planet.


TechCrunch: Chef’s new Habitat project wants to make applications infrastructure-independent

Chef today launched Habitat, a new open source project that allows developers to package their applications and run them on a wide variety of infrastructures. Habitat essentially wraps applications into their own lightweight runtime environments and then allows you to run them in any environment, ranging from bare metal servers to virtual machines, Docker containers (and their respective container management services), and PaaS systems like Cloud Foundry. “We must free the application from its dependency on infrastructure to truly achieve the promise of DevOps,” Chef co-founder and CTO Adam Jacob said in a statement today. “There is so much open source software to be written in the world and we’re very excited to release Habitat into the wild. We believe application-centric automation can give modern development teams what they really want — to build new apps, not muck around in the plumbing.”


Wall Street Journal: Cisco Proposes Plan to Monitor Data Centers

Cisco Systems Inc. says many companies don’t know enough about what is going on in their data centers, but it has a plan to change that. The network-equipment giant, stepping up its focus on a hot field called analytics, on Wednesday announced technology to monitor data moving among corporate computers to see how applications are working and more quickly fix technical glitches and security holes. Cisco’s plans rely on putting sensors throughout corporate computer rooms, in the form of software installed on server systems and embedded in chips that power some of its networking gear. The company said each sensor can track up to one million digital events per second, quickly generating troves of information that other Cisco software can help sift through and analyze.


Forbes: Software Pumps $1 Trillion A Year Into US Economy: Is This Estimate Too Low?

Recently, BSA | The Software Alliance set out to quantify the impact of software — at least in the United States. In a new report developed with The Economist Intelligence Unit, the report’s authors determined that software industry is adding $1 trillion to the annual Gross Domestic Product. The report estimates that the software industry directly added $475 billion to the US economy in 2014, with another $525 billion coming from indirect and induced effects.


InformationWeek: VMware Acquires Virtual Network Manager Arkin Net

VMware will acquire a little known company, Arkin Net, by the end of June. The deal will help enhance VMware's ability to build and manage virtual networks tied to hundreds or thousands of virtual machines. Integrating virtual networking with virtual machine operation is one of the last steps VMware needed in order to support its claim of establishing the software-defined data center. The acquisition also broadens VMware's mission from simply generating and managing virtual machines to managing virtual servers, storage, and network services throughout the data center. In some ways, VMware bet the bank on its ability to virtualize the network through its NSX virtual networking product.

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