Configuring Turbonomic OpsMan to discover IBM PowerVM Targets (AIX)

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The following article outlines how to connect your Turbonomic Instance to IBM PowerVM targets in Turbonomic versions 5.5x and above


Operations Manager connects with IBM PowerVM servers through the IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) to manage your logical partitions (LPARs), virtual I/O servers (VIOS), and the associated network and storage. The target you specify will be the HCM.


The components of IBM PowerVM map to entities in the Operations Manager supply chain as follows:

PowerVM Name

Operations Manager Entity


Physical Machine


N/A — A pluggable unit of compute resources in the frame, but there is no entity for this appear in the Operations Manager user interface


Virtual Machine





  • IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) 8.3 or higher with the Performance and Capacity Monitoring API and data collection enabled.
  • A service account Operations Manager can use to connect to your HMC. To generate actions, the account must have HMC Viewer permission and access to the HMC Capacity and Performance Monitoring API. To automate actions the account must have HMC Root permissions.
  • To accurately monitor LPAR memory, and to recommend actions based on LPAR memory utilization
  • When you specify an HMC target, you specify an SNMP port and a community name — The values you provide for the target should match the SNMP configuration on the LPARs that the HMC manages.
  • If you do not enable SNMP connections to a given LPAR, then Operations Manager successfully manages that LPAR but it cannot read memory utilization from the LPAR.
    • Note:Without SNMP to an LPAR running AIX, Operations Manager gets memory consumption values from the Hardware Management Console. HMC memory values are not based on actual utilization in the LPAR.
  • Each LPAR must use an AIX operating system
  • Each LPAR SHOULD have SNMP enabled but this is not required to discovery them as stated above





Adding PowerVM Targets


To add PowerVM targets, select the Hypervisors > IBM PowerVM option on the Target Configuration page and provide the following information:


  • The name or IP address of the Hardware Management Console.
  • Username/Password Credentials for the service account Operations Manager can use to connect to the HMC.
    • Note: The user permissions must include the List Utilization Data permission for each frame in order to discover usage (Mem, CPU, etc..) on the HMC Frames
  • SNMP Port: An SNMP port that’s common to the LPARs managed by the target HMC.
  • SNMP CommunityL The SNMP community that’s common to the LPARs managed by the target HMC


Supported Actions


Operations Manager supports the following actions for IBM PowerVM entities:

Entity TypeCan Be AutomatedRecommendations Only
Virtual Machine (LPAR)Move, Resize Down, Resize UpStart, Suspend, Terminate, Provision, Reconfigure
Physical Machine (FRAME)Start, Suspend, Terminate, Provision


If you do not want to receive "Resize down" recommendations for your virtual I/O servers, you can disable this on the Policy tab as follows:


  • In the Policy Editor, select Action > VM
  • In the Scope pane, expand Folders and select AIX-vioses-auto
  • For the Resize down action in the Action Mode Settings table, enable Override and change the value to Disabled
  • Click Apply Settings Change


For additional questions, please contact your local Turbonomic resource!


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