NetFlow and sFlow Instrumentation and Monitoring

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With the addition of flow targets (sFlow, NetFlow or Arista switch) Turbonomic can calculate costs associated with network proximity when managing workload placement. For example, two VMs that show a lot of network traffic between each other should be placed close together. They would see the best network performance if they were placed on the same physical host, and latency would increase as traffic has to hop more switches to pass data between them. With the Network Control Module, Operations Manager can include the benefits of localizing network traffic in its analysis.


To use this capability you need to be licensed for Turbonomic Application Edition (or previously Network Control Modules).


Monitoring Network Flow

To monitor the network flow in your environment, you must deploy one or more NetFlow collectors or sFlow collectors, and add them as targets to Turbonomic. These collectors must be configured to meet specific requirements (see below).

For your convenience, we provides an OVA that includes a pre-configured NetFlow collector and a pre-configured sFlow collector at the following location:

NOTE: The sFlow-RT service on this OVA is developed by InMon corporation...  For licensing requirements, please see


NetFlow Collector Requirements

The NetFlow data collector that you use must include NFDUMP tools, and the nfcapd service (NetFlow capture daemon) must be running on the NetFlow system.

Operations Manager uses nfdump to import the NetFlow data from the collector.

To verify that the data collector is capturing data, open a secure shell on the collector’s host, log in using the service account that you specify for the Operations Manager target, and execute the following command:

nfdump -R /var/netflow


sFlow Collector Requirements

You must have an sFlow data collector running on your network. Make sure the sflow-rt service is running. Operations Manager connects to the data collector through its REST API on port 8008. Credentials are not typically required to access the SFlow API. If you require a secure connection, contact VMTurbo Technical Support for assistance.

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