Weekly News Scan: July 8, 2016

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This is a weekly browsing of recent relevant industry news articles, helpful for educating ourselves as well as for sharing with our peers. Please post any thoughts in the comments section!


Fortune: Lies, Damned Lies, and Cloud Adoption Numbers

In technology as in life, there are lots of stats. And the numbers on how many companies will adopt cloud computing in any given time period are all over the map. Last week a survey of 100 chief information officers by Morgan Stanley found that more than half of those surveyed (53%) said those companies do not use any public cloud infrastructure at all. They expect that number to drop to 9% in the next three years. In the public cloud computing model, companies move some or all of their software applications offsite to be run and managed by a third-party cloud provider on that provider’s hardware.


Forbes: Inside Google And Microsoft's Race To Catch Amazon In The Trillion-Dollar Cloud

More recently, large corporations–the likes of GE, NBC and Shell–have begun moving more of their applications to the cloud. Now nearly every company is following suit, particularly industrial and logistics giants that see a tremendous opportunity in the so-called Internet of Things. By deploying webs of connected sensors to run their businesses more efficiently, these companies are now depending on IoT applications to manage truck fleets around the globe, monitor soil and ambient conditions in an agribusiness operation, or maintain elevators. For huge amounts of data there’s nothing easier than the cloud. As a whole, the shift to cloud applications represents a generational transition in business computing that may be as significant as the advent of networked PCs.


Forbes: Is All-Cloud Computing Inevitable? Analysts Suggest It Is

In various surveys I have seen and worked on in recent years, approximately one in four companies have reported they are adopting public cloud services for enterprise applications, while about half said they were building internal clouds to manage key enterprise areas. Some continue to avoid the cloud altogether, but this number is melting away. While it’s going to take time for embedded, on-premises corporate applications to shift to cloud, many industry observers feel it’s going to happen sooner than later. Gartner, for one, predicts that by 2020, “a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today. This isn’t just going to be the case for packaged application from vendors — who are now pushing cloud-first or even cloud-only offerings — but for home-grown solutions as well.  Gartner suggests that even the most adamant no-cloud organizations will throw in the towel and admit it’s a force they can’t control. ”Cloud will increasingly be the default option for software deployment. The same is true for custom software, which increasingly is designed for some variation of public or private cloud,” according to Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann.


ZDNet: Oracle, Fujitsu team up in enterprise cloud push

Oracle and Fujitsu have announced a partnership designed to push enterprise cloud computing solutions forward. Earlier this week, the tech giants said Oracle Cloud Application and Platform services -- such as Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud -- will now be powered by Fujitsu's data centers in Japan. As part of the companies' agreement, Fujitsu will also push Oracle cloud solutions to enterprise clients in the country and beyond. Oracle and Fujitsu say that the business decision will result in "a high-performance cloud environment to meet the IT and business needs of customers."

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