Weekly News Scan: August 26, 2016

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This is a weekly browsing of recent relevant industry news articles, helpful for educating ourselves as well as for sharing with our peers. Please post any thoughts in the comments section!


Ars Technica: Microsoft goes after VMware with free(ish) Windows licenses for Hyper-V converts

With the imminent release of Windows Server 2016, due to be launched some time in September with its new per-core licensing, Microsoft is making a concerted effort to win over VMware users and get them to switch to Hyper-V. Accordingly, the company is running a time-limited promotion: switch from VMware to Hyper-V and the company will give you "free" licenses to Windows Server Datacenter. The catch is that you'll need to buy a Software Assurance subscription, too, so it's not really free. But it should save some of the costs of migrating. To help persuade companies to switch, Microsoft has offered a TCO calculator to show off the big savings (Microsoft hopes) that can be had from making the switch.


TechCrunch: AppFormix now helps enterprises monitor and optimize their virtualized networks

AppFormix helps enterprises, including the likes of Rackspace and its customers, monitor and optimize their OpenStack- and container-based clouds. The company today announced that it has also now added support for virtualized network functions (VNF) to its service. Traditionally, networking was the domain of highly specialized hardware, but increasingly, it’s commodity hardware and software performing these functions (often for a fraction of the cost). Almost by default, however, networking functions are latency sensitive, especially in the telco industry, which is one of the core users of VNF and also makes up a large number of OpenStack’s users. Using commodity hardware, however, introduces new problems, including increased lag and jitter.


ZDNet: Walmart's OneOps open source cloud management platform could become part of OpenStack

Walmart is pondering lumping its OneOps open source cloud management platform under OpenStack since the two projects have integrated so well in an internal deployment. The retailing giant's OneOps platform is already open source and on Github, but the company has rolled out its management console along with OpenStack for years. OneOps was founded in 2011 as a company focused on provisioning and managing applications in the cloud. Walmart Labs acquired the company in 2013 and used its software to run its e-commerce sites. In January, Walmart Labs released OneOps as an open source project under Apache 2.0.


PC Magazine: Bloomberg, OpenStack Foundation Build on Cloud Success

Despite more than three years of successful OpenStack implementations, financial services company Bloomberg is still working to refine its processes and convince employees to move fully to the cloud, Jacob Rosenberg, Head of Infrastructure Engineering at Bloomberg, said today at OpenStack East 2016. With more than 4,700 engineers at Bloomberg, the company uses a private cloud to keep data close to Bloomberg's data sources and to tailor capabilities to the marketplace as much and as often as needed. The private cloud also offers easier management of security and compliance obligations. Additionally, Bloomberg's private cloud can take advantage of its own unique network design and protocols.

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