Revolving Google Chrome tabs - create Dashboard Slideshows

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Hey all!


I recently discovered the Revolver extension for Google Chrome and had an idea for rotating between Chrome tabs displaying different dashboards.


Imagine a senior executive visiting the DC and seeing a series of dashboards showing complete health throughout the environment displayed on that 42" screen that otherwise sits on standby 9 hours a day. Is that bonuses I smell?!


So, start by creating the various custom dashboards you want to include in your rotating dashboard display. I've provided a video of my Revolving tabs as an example attached to this post. If you need help creating custom dashboards see this GC post for instructions How To Create Custom Dashboards


Next, you'll need to add the Revolver extension for Google Chrome. Revolver - Tabs - Chrome Web Store


Then launch Google Chrome, open a tab for every Dashboard you want to include in your slideshow. Under each tab select the dashboard to display, minimize the dashboard selector (clicking the X symbol top right of the menu) once you have your chosen dashboards to view.


Then activate the Revolver extension, adjusting the speed tabs are rotated by accessing Revolver settings.


I recommend then displaying the browser in full screen mode, lets not waste any of that screen space!


And there we have it, a slideshow of dashboards showing health throughout your environment (provided you've created the necessary dashboards).


I hope this is useful, enjoy!