Cloud Control: Action Policies In The Cloud

Document created by Anson McCook Expert on Nov 14, 2016
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**This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]. Targeting Public Cloud providers is available with the Cloud Native License. Please reach out to for more information.**


Since hardware utilization is not exposed in the Public Cloud, hardware-based actions should be disabled in Turbonomic. If you are only targeting Public Cloud providers, you can change these policies at a global level. However, if you are targeting on-prem environments (vCenter, Hyper-V, RHEV, XenServer) AND Public Cloud providers, then you should only change the action policies for the Public Cloud targets. This can be accomplished quickly by making a custom dynamic group.


1) Create a custom dynamic group of cloud hosts and storage entities:


a) Go the Policy Tab

b) Go to Group Management

c) Click the green plus button to make a new group

d) Choose Physical Machine

e) Choose Group entities by criteria

f) Click Add Filter

g) Choose Name

h) Provide a regex that matches any Public Cloud target. You can use the same regex in the example: .*aws.*|.*azure.*|.*softlayer.*

i) Click Find Matches

j) Click Apply Member Change


Now, repeat these same steps but for step d) select Storage


2) Disable Host/Storage Provision/Suspend Actions


a) Go to the Policy Tab

b) Expand Action and select Host

c) Expand My Groups and select the group you created in Step 1.

d) Change the Provision policy to Disabled

e) Change the Suspend policy to Disabled

f) Click Apply Settings Change


Now, repeat these same steps but for step b) select Storage


Turbonomic will now ignore hardware-based decisions in the Public Cloud. Please reference the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here] for setting up your specific Public Cloud use cases.

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