Cloud Control: Setup Cloud to Cloud Migration Decisions

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**This document is a part of the Cloud Control Setup Overview [Start Here]. Targeting Public Cloud providers requires a license key that includes those features. If you are not able to add AWS, Azure or Softlayer with your current license please reach out to for more information.**


1) Target a supported Cloud Provider

AWS: AWS Target Setup

Azure: Azure Target Setup

Softlayer: Cloud Control: SoftLayer Target Setup


2) Configure a Merge Policy

Configuring a merge policy between public cloud providers allows you to expand the boundaries for where your VMs and Applications are allowed to live. In a pure cloud environment, VMs are allowed to migrate between public cloud locations. This includes migration within a single provider (ex. AWS-East to AWS-West) and across cloud provider (AWS-East to Azure-East)


a) Go to the Policy Tab

b) Select Workload Placement

c) Create a new policy by click the green plus button

d) Name your policy and select Merge

e) Choose Data Center

f) Expand Physical Machines by Datacenter and use the Shift or Ctrl keys to multi-select the datacenters you'd like to merge.

g) Click OK

f) Click Create to implement your merge rule


In my example, you can see I've selected 2 Azure locations and 2 SoftLayer locations. Feel free to select as many or as few as you want.

3) Configure Action Settings

In order for a migration between cloud providers be considered, Move and Storage Move actions must be set to the same action policy.


a) Go to the Policy Tab

b) Expand Action and select VM

c) Choose a VM group. You can choose a custom group, cluster, or your VM folders that contain VMs that should be allowed to migrate between on-prem and public cloud locations.

d) Set Move to either Recommend or Manual (or Automated if you have a migration tool configured)

e) Set Storage Move to have the same setting as Move


In my example, I have a custom group of VMs that are allowed to migrate between public cloud locations. I have set both Move and Storage Move to Manual.


f) Click Apply Settings Change. Existing actions will clear from the user interface for a few minutes and then pop back up.


Turbonomic will now provide decisions on where to place workloads across public cloud locations. If costs become cheaper elsewhere you may see workloads move to those locations.

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