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Turbonomic leverages MemoryUsed reported into CloudWatch. In this document, we cover how to configure AWS to capture memory stats in Turbonomic from your Windows EC2 instances using AWS Systems Manager. 


If you are looking for the Linux version then you can find it here: Setting up CloudWatch with your Linux Instances on AWS



  • AWS SSM Agent Installed on EC2 - Install SSM Agent
  • IAM Role with the following permissions:
    • AmazonEC2RoleforSSM
    •  CloudWatchFullAccess
    • AmazonSSMFullAccess


Attach IAM Role

To configure each Windows EC2 instance through System Manager you need to attach an IAM role with the above permissions to each EC2 instance. 


Step 1: Select the EC2 instance and click on Actions>Instance Settings>Attach/Replace IAM role. Then select the IAM role with the required permissions and click Apply (see example below).  


Now you should see the Role attached to the EC2 instance (see CloudWatch_Turbonomic in example below).


Note, if you need a scripted approach to add the IAM role to multiple instances please contact Turbonomic Support. 


Configure JSON File

Step 1: Download the JSON file attached at the bottom of this article and use it the template for each AWS region and account.

Step 2:  You will only need to modify the following fields in the JSON file:

"Region": "",Enter the region that will hold the CloudWatch data


Note, the JSON file is used to specify MemoryUsed as the metric reported into CloudWatch for Windows System. 


Deploying JSON

Step 1: Navigate to the EC2 service in the account and region you would like to configure. On the left-hand side menu select Run Command under System Manager Services



Step 2:  Select AWS-ConfigureCloudWatch from the list

Now select the instance or multiple instances you would like to deploy CloudWatch configuration on. Variables in the JSON configuration will be populated as part of the execution (for example, "InstanceId" of EC2 instance)

In the properties, section paste your modified JSON config data and then select Run


In the end, you should see if it's deployed successfully


Installation Complete.

Now after few minutes you will be able to see stats in your CloudWatch page and Turbonomic will be able to import the Used Memory.

Note: This method refers to using the Run Command to enable CloudWatch metrics via the SSM agent as described here in the AWS documentation AWS Documentation




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