Weekly News Scan: December 30, 2016

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This is a weekly browsing of recent relevant industry news articles, helpful for educating ourselves as well as for sharing with our peers. Please post any thoughts in the comments section!


New York Times: Why the Computing Cloud Will Keep Growing and Growing

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, along with a couple of his rivals, may eventually control much of the $1 trillion global market for business computers and software. That is because Amazon Web Services, his big-business computing division, is starting to affect more than just the world of computer servers, data storage and networking at the core of computing. Increasingly, it is also entangled with mobile phones, sensors and all sorts of other devices in the so-called Internet of Things. It’s the same story at Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, the other two big cloud companies. Start-ups and giant corporations rent the core resources, along with related software, instead of owning and running their own machines.


WSJ: CIO Top Stories of 2016: Cloud, Emerging Technology in Era of Digital Business

The biggest news stories of the year for CIOs captured the role of emerging technology amid the rise of digital business, in which computing and physical assets are increasingly integrated. Convergence of that sort has been the case in one industry after another, from transportation and logistics to retail, healthcare and manufacturing. CIO Journal’s top stories of 2016 explored the role of the CIO in that shift with the corporate adoption of cloud computing, the emergence in the enterprise of new technologies such as blockchain, and the latest in artificial intelligence. Top stories also assessed the impact those technologies will have on jobs and talent acquisition, as addressed a heated debate about the adequateness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in the United States.


Fortune: How Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure for VMware Could Find More Uses

One surprising thing about what Amazon Web Services has done to run VMware's popular virtualization software in its own cloud data centers is just how...un-cloud-like it seems. Amazon is assembling masses of "bare metal" computers, which unlike the rest of the AWS servers, come with no virtualization. That's because VMware's software is built using its own flavor of virtualization and that, in turn, meant AWS had to offer VMware a phalanx of servers stripped of the Xen virtualization, which runs the rest of Amazon's computers, known collectively as Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2.


Forbes: Five Things To Watch In Enterprise Storage In 2017

Enterprise storage has historically been a market that is slow to change, but a number of factors are making this an interesting space to watch right now. Vendors like Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), NetApp, IBM, Pure Storage and others are servicing the storage market with on-premise traditional storage systems and server-based storage products. In addition, these traditional storage vendors are being challenged by public cloud storage-as-a-service offerings from the likes of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and others.


Information Week: eBay Container Management Tool Works With Kubernetes

Unlike cloud providers, who run customers' workloads inside a virtual machine, eBay is a Web-scale company that has moved away from reliance on just virtual machines into greater use of containers. The online marketplace is actually a good candidate for large scale container implementation. While it must answer hundreds of thousands of queries daily and engage in transactions coming in over the Internet, eBay nevertheless is in strict control of what code it's running. That means the risk is less than in a public cloud environment. At eBay containers may run in close proximity in system memory without the harder logical boundaries of a virtual machine.

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