How to generate and upload diagnostic files

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From time to time, you may need to create and submit logs and other information to Turbonomic (for example, for support use).


Step 1 - Export Diagnostics (HTML5/New UI)

To create and submit the diagnostics file in the new UI click on Settings > Maintenance Options > "Export Current Environment" as shown below:

Export Diagnostics (Legacy UI):

To create and submit the diagnostics file, Choose Admin > Workflows > Maintenance > "Export Current Environment" as shown below:

If your Turbonomic instance is able to communicate to our support server (via the internet) then the file will automatically be submitted to our support queue. A message will appear alongside the “Export Current Environment” button that the action was successful. This may take several minutes to appear, depending on the size of your managed environment and the length of time this instance has been installed for.


If you receive a message to the effect that the diagnostics submission has failed, please continue to Step 2 to manually download the diagnostics file.


Step 2 - Download Diagnostics File

In the case of no Internet connection, please follow the steps below to retrieve the file, and submit it to us manually:


1.  Navigate using Firefox, Chrome or IE10+ to the /update.html URL of this instance of Turbobomic (e.g. http://MyTurbonomicIP/update.html )


2. You should see a page that looks like this. If the page does not look like this, please be sure to use a browser listed above (specifically, don’t use IE7,8 or 9 to access the page) :

3. Enter your operations manager administrator credentials.


4. When you click on “Authenticate” hold down the CTRL key (PC) or Command ⌘ key (Mac)


This puts the page into ‘expert mode’ - if you do not see the “EXPERT MODE” options shown below, reload the page and try again.

5. Select the "Download last Diagnostics File” option, and hit ‘download’. The diagnostics file zip will now be sent to your browser.




If the above steps fail, you can get the diagnostics from the environment by running the following command on a putty/SSH console to Turbonomic :



After few minutes, you should see the bkp diagnostics file generated in /tmp folder. Customer can use WinSCP or other methods to download it to the Desktop and upload the diagnostics to us using this link shown here: ShareFile