HTML5 UI: Creating Custom Groups

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This document is a step by step on creating a Group of Virtual Machines in the new HTML5 User Interface


When you first log into the new UI this is the page you land on



In the bottom left click on the icon  then select the option, this will take you to the following screen



Now select the option in the top right hand corner and then select this will take you to the following screen


In the top right hand corner you can give your Group a name, you then have a few options as to how you select the members of your group. By default all the VMs available to you are selected. You can deselect them by unticking the top selection box, you could then manually select the VMs you want in your group you can search at the top to control the VMs which are visible to you for selection. For example I have searched for all the VMs which contain my name Aseem



Alternatively you could make a dynamic group by selecting Dynamic on the right hand side.this allows you to toggle between whether you want your group to be static or dynamic.


As an example of a dynamic group I can use the Filters area on the right to add my dynamic criteria, I will create a dynamic group of all the VMs which contain the string Aseem by using the regex .*Aseem.* in the Name Filter giving it a name at the top of Aseem Test Group and then hit the Save Group button at the bottom.



I now have a dynamic group called Aseem Test Group which means that as and when I create more VMs with the string Aseem in the name they will automatically be added to my group. Meaning that any policies or setting I apply to my group will automatically get applied to my new group members.