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Over time there have been many great questions on custom reporting and custom SQL queries. This page attempts to compile all these Green Circle SQL query questions so that everyone can easily find and use these queries within their own Turbonomic instances. See the table below for that compilation of Questions Asked and Answered.



SQL Report Description
Green Circle Post
VM Reports
Average Virtual Machine Resource Utilization over past 30 daysHow can I create a custom report for VM average usage?
Idle VM for a specific groupIDLE VM CUSTOM REPORT
Shows all Virtual Machines by Cluster. Includes Memory, CPU and Storage for the cluster.Enterprise Resource Report
Show Cluster CPU and Mem Usage as well as the 95th Percentile for each.Cluster CPU and Mem average and 95th Percentile
Lists a group of virtual machines and their corresponding IOPS usage.Custom reporting
Group of virtual machines displaying memory, cpu and storage usage.The specified item was not found.
List of all servers and corresponding avg/peak memory, cpu storage usage.Looking for help with developing a custom report
Query to report on all virtual machines that do not have vmware tools installed.Vmtools report
Physical Hosts Reports
Lists the maximum CPU Utilization over 90 days for all Physical HostsReport for Maximum Physical CPU Utilization by Physical Host
Storage Reports
Wasted Storage Report that only reports on files greater than 100MB.Report Storage Wasted Allocation
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