Cluster Merge Plan in HTML5 UI

Document created by aseem Expert on Apr 18, 2017
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This document shows step by step how to run a plan which merges clusters together to calculate the potential benefits.


From the splash page the first step is to click the Plan option on the top right hand corner 





You will then be presented with a list of Plan Types to choose from, to merge clusters we need to run a Custom Plan 



After you select this option you are now ready to configure your plan. The next step is to scope the plan and select the clusters you wish to merge. Clicking into the box below were it says Plan Scope brings up a list containing all groups, the easiest way to filters this is to begin to type the name of the cluster you are searching for. I can then select the clusters I want to simulate merging together and click Select. 




You should now see the supply chain on the left change to represent the scope you have selected, in my example this is 8 Hosts, 86 VMs and 23 Storage Volumes. 


The final step to configuring a Merge plan is to turn on Ignore Constraints this will ignore cluster boundaries and converge the scoped environment to the Desired State as if it is one Liquidity Pool of resource. Click on the Ignore Constraints option and then flick the toggle so it goes green. 

The next step in the process is to click the Run option at the top right 



You will then see an animation which signifies the plan running and then the plan results displayed on the screen as below, in my example I was able to eliminate 1 host from the cluster.